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The Costumer's Manifesto: Dress Design: An Account of Costume for Artistsand Dressmakers by Talbot Hughes, 1920 edition Dress Design: An Account of Costume for Artists and Dressmakers by Talbot Hughes, 1920 editionChapter VIII: 19th Century


Title Page and illustration of a Long Trained Muslin Dress of about 1800

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig107.jpg Women's dress 1810-1812

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig108.jpg Women's dress 1814-1816

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig109.jpg 1816-1818

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig110.jpg 1806-1820

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig111.jpg 1820-1828

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig112.jpg 1820-1840

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig113.jpg 1830-1840

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig114.jpg 1828-1836

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig115.jpg 1830-1840

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig116.jpg 1840-1860

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig117.jpg 1845-1855

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughesfig118.jpg Dress improvers 1865-1875

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespattern023.jpg Pattern #23 Coat from plate 26, fig b, 1808-1820

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespattern024.jpg Pattern #24 Coat from Plate 13, fig B, 1745-1760, Corduroy Trousers, 1815.

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespattern025.jpg Pattern #25 Coat 1775-1790, leather breeches, 1800-1830.

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespattern027.jpg Pattern #27 Coat similar to the one shown in plate 26, fig C, 1830-1845.

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespattern028.jpg Pattern #28 Buff linen Trousers. 1810-1840.

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespattern029.jpg Pattern #29 Morning coat of chintz shown in Plate 26, fig A, 1825-1845.

HistoryHughesdressdesignHughespattern030.jpg Pattern #30 Bodice, 1816-1822

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