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I retired early from UAF back in 2007, so the Theatre UAF Costume Shop Web presence Has Moved to Theatre UAF Official Site however, old and new UAF students may appreciate these old pages about the costume studio during my time there from 1988-2007. So here is a trip down memory lane. ---Tara Maginnis


If you should ever be in Fairbanks.....

Or if you are a UAF student who is in search of that kind of Twin Peaks weirdness that is a specialty of the UAF campus, you need to search out the

Theatre UAF Costume Shop. If you are coming from off-campus there is an endurance contest we make you go through: you have to park in the mud unpaved Taku parking lot and then ascend the Taku slalom slope which winds up the hill at a steep angle covered in ice...after that you are officially a "guest" on campus.

Once you are at the top you go right, till you see the second set of loading dock doors, the one with the white UAF bear on a blue background, go past that door to the entrance to the right of the bear door, and turn left, and go downstairs into the Twilight Zone, better known as Theatre UAF. If you come from on campus, what you do is go to the Great Hall, go down the stairs on the far left, down a few more and then you see this:

ImagesCostshop77549 16.jpg


Graffiti Hallway

Down, down you go again into this black, graffiti-strewn hall with the glowing white floor. At the end is a temporary wall, beyond which is only a sucking black void (you who have not been there think I'm making this up-I'm not, the building air system makes this creepy howling noise beyond the wall where a former underground tunnel, supposedly partly collapsed, once used to lead to the old Taku stairs). Overcome your fears and stop reading the walls, and go almost to the end of the hall, and look right. If you look closely, you'll see a doorknob inside the black wall.

ImagesCostshop77549 18.jpg Grab it and open.

Then you will be in "The Subway."

ImagesCostshop77548 04.jpg

This is yet another dark, strange hallway (I swear I think theatre students turn off all but the safety lights, because it makes the backstage area look "cool" and scares the freshmen).

ImagesCostshop84869 05.jpg

2001VampgothMvc-018f.jpg Go forward to the second door on your left, next to the water fountain, and go down the costume shop hallway AKA the Wall of Posters:

ImagesCostshop77549 07.jpg

254images254photos1Corsetsad.jpgOur new "entry to Hell" paint job replaced the posters here:




Click here, now, to enter:


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