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Law and Order: Mutant DefenseLaw and Order: Mutant DefensePt 2 (Still just a fragment I'm working on)Author: TheCostumer

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Characters: Rogue, & the X-kids, Magneto, Ed Gruberman, and my own Rolf LipchitzSequel to

Tara@costumes.orgFree to Be, You and Me, Part of the

Whatever Remains Series

Rating: PG. Humor.Summary: Magneto's Trial. Everyone at the X-Mansion is glued to the TV.

"Can you believe this wacko?" Scott raged to Jean, who was attempting to tune out the news, and Scott's reaction to it, by brushing her teeth in the bathroom, "Not only does he try to lead the reporters in 'meditation' exercises before he will give them a press conference, but now this nut-ball is insisting Magneto has to be physically brought into court for his trial! If they do that, Magneto will just trash the building, fly off...."

Jean tried closing the bathroom door, to no avail.

"...why doesn't this Gruberman twit just insist they hand Magneto a tank division to drive to court..."

Jean tried flushing the toilet and turning on the shower.

"...or maybe hold the trial at 3-Mile Island...

Jean wondered if it was disloyal to wish Magneto would escape soon, so everyone at the Mansion would just stop watching the news, and talking, and obsessively thinking, about the upcoming trial. It was going to make her nuts soon, and not just because Scott was pretty permanently wound up about it.

Today the Professor had pulled her into his office to tell her that he had brokered a deal with Magneto that would have him living at the Mansion for months, perhaps even years, as a private tutor to Rogue if he was not convicted. "I trust you to explain this to Scott and Ororo" he cheerfully informed her. Jean was so flabbergasted she had not the presence of mind to object.

Now, more than a week later, she had still told neither of them, and was afraid that telling Scott would put him into such a fit of outrage she could kiss her engagement goodbye. Scott was glued to the TV, along with most of the students, and his normally controlled demeanor was slipping into rages more appropriate for Logan, as he spent each night shouting at the TV. If Magneto would just do the proper terrorist thing and escape into hiding again, she could have her calm life and sane stalwart fiancée back to normal.

The anti-Mutant pundits on the rec room TV were saying much the same thing as Scott, and the networks kept showing old news footage of the car-smashing at the train station incident, as well as the Statue of Liberty disco ball moment, that was caught by every network because of the UN World Summit. Speculation was rife about what exactly the point of the light show had been, but the main focus of argument seemed to be whether Magneto's apparent ability to levitate guns and smash up police cars precluded his being allowed to actually face his accusers in a courtroom. Various options for managing this Constitutional requirement were suggested and shot down by the pundits, including holding the trial in an open field, miles from any metal objects ("And how do you propose he be transported there?"), having Magneto view the trial and give evidence via video ("No one has invented a video camera, microphone or monitor that doesn't have metal parts..."), holding the trial in his prison ("Not enough room."), or even building another larger special building solely for the purpose ("Do you have any idea how much the even the single cell he is now in cost the State of New York!?"). Lawyers for the ACLU naturally pointed out that the right to an open and fair trial where one could face one's accusers is guaranteed under the Constitution, while the Fox News pundits insisted otherwise.

The students at Xavier's on the other hand were more interested in the videos than the constitutional issues, despite how important these issues were for their own future as mutants in America. John had managed to record a Nightline special on the story, and he and the other boys kept rewinding and watching the car-smashing bits. John and Remy got especially excited.

"Stay where you are. Put your hands over your heads..." the recording of the police captain intoned.

"Wooooo!" John hooted as Magneto lifted his arms, levitating the cars.

"Aannnd....Whoomp!" chimed in Remy, as the cars went splat.

"I love this bit with the guns" Jubilee added.

"Where were you during all this?" Kitty asked Rogue, whom she noticed was not enjoying the show as much as the others.

Rogue didn't feel like replying, though privately she admitted to herself, if she hadn't had such negative associations with the event, she would probably be hooting along with Remy and John.

"She's that lump the little green guy is carrying." Bobby opined.

"Gee," Jubilee added, "the camera makes your butt look enormous."

"Do you suppose anybody has figured out why Sabertooth was grabbing Magneto's neck?" Henry asked.

"It was Professor Xavier, stoopid." John replied.

"I know that!" Henry insisted. "I mean, do you think the police know? I mean, I haven't seen any of them come to visit, and maybe they think the 'Charles' he is talking to is another accomplice."

"I bet the Professor and the other teachers have gone to the police." Bobby said. "I mean they can't want Magneto to be let out after what he did to Rogue."

"But if they do that, they will have to appear at the trial, won't they?" Henry asked.

"If there even is a trial." John pointed out darkly. "I bet the feds would be really happy if Magneto were to get depressed and hang or poison himself in his cell."

"They say he's on constant watch," Bobby reminded him, "so I expect he couldn't."

"You are so frigging naive!" John snapped back, "I mean some guard will "do" him, and then claim it's a suicide. "

"You mean 'Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?'" Henry asked.


"You mean," Henry translated, "somebody in the government will suggest to his guards what a great service they'd be doing by making sure he never comes to trial."

"Yeah." John added: "You saw that prison Psychiatrist Dr. Jacobs on the news, saying he's fit to stand trial but he's a Manic-Depressive. I bet they are just laying the groundwork."

There was an awkward pause while everyone thought that over. Rogue wondered why the idea chilled her so much, since, after all, she had tried to kill him, and vice versa.

"I'm not sure they wouldn't be right," Bobby said, "after all, he nearly killed Rogue. And he's pretty much responsible for the port security guard, the boatman and two park rangers getting killed. Besides all this stuff with smashing cars and the guns just makes people more afraid of mutants."

"Damn right it does, Ice-hole." John agreed, "I think that was the point."

"So you want to blow up cars or something?"

Henry decided to change subjects before Bobby and John got into a shouting match that would get them all sent to bed early: "So, Rogue," he began, "are you going to be giving evidence at the trial? I mean, if there is a trial?"

"Um, ah," Rogue sputtered, "no."

"No?" Jubilee asked, "Why not? You scared?"

Rogue tried to think fast, after all, she could hardly tell them she was not testifying because she'd blackmailed Magneto and the Professor into agreeing to lessons with her. How was she going to explain about the lessons to everyone if he actually came? For the moment, she decided to go with the old explanation the Professor had given her for not testifying.

"No, um, the Professor said it would bring bad publicity to the school, and might get me in trouble as well." She realized that sounded a bit thin, so she added: "I mean, how could we prove it was Magneto doing anything? After all, it was me powering the mutation machine. That Gruberman guy could just claim that it was me who was responsible."

"I still don't get why he didn't power it himself." Bobby asserted. "after all, if he is so dedicated to mutant rights, he should have been willing to die for it instead of sticking you with the job."

Murmurs of agreement came from all the kids, even from Kitty.

But Rogue popped out with: "Because I'm 16 and he's around 70. He couldn't do it. I mean, like the Professor, he looks a bit younger than his age, but he still wouldn't have made the waves go far enough to get to Ellis Island. He'd tested it and he didn't have the range."

"He told you all that?" Remy asked.

"No," Rogue answered, "I got lots of his memories, remember?"

"To be perfectly frank, Cherie, I don't remember much about that party in the poolhouse. I had too much to drink."


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