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Tara Maginnis' HatsTara Maginnis' Hats

HatsMyhats60567 00.jpgCabbage Hat of molded felt seen from above

HatsMyhats70983 22.jpg

HatsMyhats70983 23.jpg

HatsMyhats70983 24.jpg Side views of the Cabbage Hat

HatsMyhats70983 16.jpg

HatsMyhats70983 19.jpg

HatsMyhats70983 20.jpg

HatsMyhats70983 21.jpgMolded felt Rose Doll Hat with felt applique and acrylic painted highlights

HatsMyhats70983 17.jpg

HatsMyhats70983 18.jpgSnail Shell Cloche. Moldedbucram, covered with Bias cut peach satin damask, trimmed with grey piping.

HatsMyhats70983 25.jpg

HatsMyhats70985 03.jpg

HatsMyhats70985 04.jpg

HatsMyhats70985 05.jpgPartyFez, Molded felt with felt applique and acrylic painted highlights. Designs onthe hat include Question mark, Party streamers and an old style soada pop top.

HatsMyhats70985 06.jpg

HatsMyhats70985 08.jpg

HatsMyhats70985 09.jpg

HatsMyhats70985 10.jpgButton Hat, Black wool cap with decoration of Russian glass buttons insilver, white and pearl colors.

HatsMyhatsHorsehr.jpg Ruffled Transparent Horsehair Cap, Sewn of spiralingstrips of beige nylon horsehair braid.

"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis