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Affiliate Halloween & Party Costumes Halloween & Party Costumes

You can support The Costumer's Manifesto by gettingyour Halloween costumes from any of these sites listed below. Asmall percentage is paid out to the

Manifestofor each product you buy at a store you get to from clicking on one ofthese links.

Want something Fancier? You can order

Custom-made Costumes, costume products& Vintage Clothing from my Banner Sponsors, so hopefullythey can afford to renew their banners each year.

You can click on the Product links (includingbooks) scattered on my pages and if you buy something from that store Iget a percentage too!


Dumb and Dumber Costumes



Halloween and Party costumes at CostumeCity

Flapper Costumes


Buy Star Wars Costumes

Buy Superhero Costumes

the $100,000Ultimate Halloween Sweepstakes!


Renaissance Costumes Clothing

Costumes Galore

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Buy Pirate Costumes

Wizard of Oz Costumes

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