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Russian Stories and PhotosSt. Petersburg Stories

A Letter Home 8/1/94

Mushroom Hunting at a Russian Dacha

The Sacred Cats of St. Petersburg

The Great Fiancée Visa Adventure

The St. Petersburg Pet Market

Gostiny Dvor, a Shopping Mall in an Alternate Universe

Domestic Science Tips For Foreigners Living in Petersburg

Space Invaders on the Neva

St. Pat's in St. Pete, 1995


Anichkov Bridge

3-D Movies at the Stereo Kino

An Ice Hole Ritual Performance with the "Walruses"

Fur Shopping Info c. 1995

The Speechless Theatre Critic

Photo Pages:

RAT/ART Photo Album 1992-1993

Tour the Mariinsky Theatre Costume Shop

Parade on the 50th Anniversary of VE-Day (Photos in high resolution)

Photos of Tara as

Mme.Exxxcedrin by Milla Kalen

Miscellaneous Photos from Russia

Drawings of Babushkii (Old Ladies)

And a "Freeware" Play:

Kiosk Man

Here are some of my favorite Russian



buying info: Video: The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks

to Moscow : The A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

Carnegie Mellon KGB: Ask Lenin's Soul

PILGRIMAGE to CYTHERA (Multi-Museum exhibition on Erotic Art with lots of good critical text. Contains some images showing adult matter).

Annotated Bibliography of Slavic and EE Medievalist Sources

the Great

of Russian History

Ivanov's pictures of Russian History

List of Russian Web Servers

Pages Of Moscow Theatre Life

HOLIDAY St' Petersburg hotel Homepage

Product Links

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