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  • The Costumer's Manifesto: Military Costume and ArmorLinks'''Military Costume and Armor Links''' [[Store100pagesBooksuniforms|Uniforms, Arms and Armor]]
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  • ...found links for. This is 'not' to imply that Taoists, Coptic Christians or other groups not yet listed wear no clothes... ...on is not in harmony with the teachings of that religion. Use common sense and common courtesy when ever possible, or be prepared to get people very upset
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  • series. Yes, this is primarilygoing to be a Rogue/Magneto story, but at times it will veer off onto some tangents thatmay not seem to connect until the v ...e.(In the comics she isa bit older, he looks younger, and they get married and have a kid, at least in analternative timeline. They also get together in s
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