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  • The Costumer's Manifesto: Traditional Dress, "Ethnic" Costumesand Textiles of the World Links (Traditional Dress of the World)'''
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  • ...costumeshopPagesCosshopl|Education: Costume Programs and "backstage tours" of Costume Shops]] [ The Society of British Theatre Designers]
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  • ...thought: '''"I have a mission here---I must lead the righteous to the path of better grades, no matter what the cost!" '''So I did. And here is my lectur ...tus quo. This is one of life's important lessons. If something takes a lot of time, trouble, and effort to do, when it is something that should be simple
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  • ...h many pieces of information, from costume history, tocultural perceptions of color, to actor's body proportions, to budget realities, and more.Trying to ...d has to offer, and using them in one's art.There are an incredible number of places that you can look for ideas that are worth"stealing," and your resea
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  • ...nd read it ASAP. In addition, reading her work hassuggested to me a number of crazy ways to tap into your subconscious design talents. Theyare: ...e, these are brain-flexing exercises so they willbe strange sounding. Many of these ideas can be done by whole classes or groups at once.
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  • ... Menu: Period Clothing Patterns and Cutting Diagrams - The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion (1850's-1910's for men, women, and children)] [ Decades of Style Pattern Company]
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  • '''Costume Shop Quotes:'''"Costumers make clothes for imaginary people" -Celestine Ranney "Eat when you can." 10 Commandments of Theatre,Commandment #1.
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  • ...aritable Enterprises for Costumers wishing to better their own lot or that of their fellow humans) [ The Costume Society of America: Home Page]
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  • ...le, who has found Jesus, or is listening to Prozac or whatever, but as one of the sick crazy people, who wants to remain a costumer, remain strange, rema ..., but valuable, precisely because of the strange obsessions I had with old clothes, classical music, history, and books. Several forays after graduation into
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  • ...cape patterns that are now available from the major pattern companies. ANY of these capes, large or small, complex or simple, may be used for your cape p ...ASIN/0789404192/thecostumersmani| Complete Book of Sewing]] Complete Book of Sewing
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  • Animal and bird feet are easy to build on top of existing shoes. One can use heels for a cartoon sexy look, or rubber bottom ...mer for almost 20 years when I first saw this book and still, I'd say lots of it's techniques were a revelation. It shows in essence, how to reproduce co
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  • 6 yards of 3/4" elastic in white. ...sheer overlay OR a beaded/sequined chiffon dress with lining, OR 3-4 yards of translucent nylon lace.
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  • learn as you sew. The disadvantage is that long full capes take up lots of fabric, so they aren't cheap to make. Choose a commercial cape pattern or, if you already have a good deal of sewing experience, you may draft one from the instructions at these sites:
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  • ... be repeated twice for credit. '''Prerequisites''': THR F254 or permission of instructor. '''CRN:'''36303 ...Tara@costumes.orgfftmm1@uaf.eduAdvanced Costume Design]]Photos that I take of you in class will be
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  • ...ars of the Reformation and by the "enclosure movement" (aka the early part of the Agricultural Revolution). ... of anti-fashion, and conservative clergy preach sermons on the sinfulness of fine dress. (see
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  • Where every aspect of the fine and decorative arts of the Baroque period had at its core an extreme solidity and heaviness, Rococ ... birds, and bows became dominant motifs in a style that highlighted a kind of idealized femininity. These forms were incorporated into all the visual art
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  • Watch this short nifty video on French women's dress from 1900-2000: ... with close cropped hair and tales of heroism. Most women did not suddenly cut their hair, but once it became acceptable to do so, gradually more and more
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  • ...class, and the sudden increased inherited personal wealth of the survivors of the Black Plague (1350-1400). ... a peak because fine fabric production and importation was the cornerstone of the Northern Italian economy. Huge fortunes were made in the Florentine and
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  • ...Links '''16th Century Costume Links'This symbol indicates an internal page of the Manifesto'' History of Fashion and Dress:
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  • Plates from "A History of Lace" by Mrs. Bury Palliser and other sources''' [[File:17thcentLace102.gif|frameless|border]] Shirt collar of Christian IV
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