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Costume Sales and Rentals in Bloomsberg, PA
'''Costumes for All Occasions'''
''by Rebecca Ermisch''
''' The Costume Shop
55 East Main Street
Bloomsburg, Pa 17815-1804'''
(570) 784-4436
I have a small costume shop in a university town of Bloomsburg , Pa. We cater to the local theatre groups bothschool affiliated and community sponsored. We do a lot of period costuming. I am only just getting into some modern clothing,the 50's because we are costuming the leads for "Grease", and we make most of our costumes on premises. We specialize inMedieval and Renaissance, but we also have a large collection of 1860's dresses and frockcoats.

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"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis