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Sponsor the Costumer's ManifestoWhile on sabbatacal I am not adding any new sponsors. If you are still interested during the summer of 2007, please contact me then. Sponsor the Costumer's Manifesto

Sponsoring the Manifesto gets you a slot in the banner rotation that appears at the top of most pages of the site. Banners must be for sites, products or services that would (In my estimation) be of interest to the users of this site (see below for details). To become a sponsor do the following:

with your request. Include your site URL, and the URL of a 468x60 banner (gif or jpg) you want to use.

Wait for me to reply.

If I OK the banner/link check to see if it is working.

If it is, send me the annual fee to Tara Maginnis 1535 Mary Ann St Fairbanks Alaska 99701.

The annual fee is payable before every October 1st and will give you ad space from Oct 1-Sept 30. Fees are as follows:

$150 sent from 5/23/07-10/1/07=ad space from time you sign up till 9/30/08

Sponsorship is not in any way necessary for you to be linked to the Manifesto. I will continue, as always, to link for free to any costume related business, information site, or designer who asks, and many who don't. I do not intend to reduce the usefulness of the site by leaving out unpaid commercial links in future. If you have a nifty costume site I don't know about and want to be linked from the Manifesto, just and your link will appear in the appropriate links list in my next update. Reciprocal links are encouraged, but not required.Why sponsor the ManifestoAlthough it is one of the most popular costume sites on the web, with more image and text content than any other,

Email mewriteThe Costumer's Manifesto is just the individual website of myself,

Tara Maginnis, a theatre professor, in Fairbanks Alaska. A labor of love (and insanity), it has grown to over 800 pages of html, with about 1200 MB of image files. The Manifesto consequently has a

following of costumers, students and home sewers. Many non-costumer "civilians" also come to the Manifesto for ideas and sources for costumes for Halloween, school projects, and parties.

I have paid out of pocket for commercial web hosting for years in order to avoid intrusive banner ads from unrelated businesses. However, since early 2000, the site's incredible popularity has pushed the data transfer rate to 4 Gigs per day, which means I need to pay for a large commercial account to host it. This costs far more money than I can afford to pay out of pocket.

This means that in order to pay for this site, I need to seek out commercial sponsors willing to underwrite the site. If you have a costume shop, a sewing supply business, a vintage clothing or jewelry site, a theatrical makeup site, or other related business, you can now sponsor the Manifesto through your pay-per-sale affiliate program or by paying a $100 annual flat fee. Banners should be 468x60 pixels to qualify, and must sell either costumes or items of interest to costumers. ( I also will accept appropriate product links) I reserve the right to refuse banners that seem inappropriate. Inappropriate, however, is not a code word for sexy. If you want to link to a site for vinyl body paint and shoe fetish boots, it's ok. Ditto for vintage lingerie, body piercing supplies, Goth corsetry, or any other costume-focused site or related site. Inappropriate means a site selling office furniture or steel radial tires. I have nothing against tires, I just don't want to see you disappointed by the poor click through rate.

Thanks to My Sponsors!

Your sponsorship helps me pay the $55 a month connection charge, and $500 a month server

space that the Manifesto requires. Because of your support the Manifesto is not forced to reside on a "free" server with snail-slow download time and annoying popup windows with irrelevant advertising. Your sponsorship helps benefit the over 1000 costumers, students and hobbyists who visit each day, and who share your love of costuming. Thanks to all of you!

Some of my sponsors:




Dumb and Dumber Costumes

Flapper Costumes

Buy Star Wars Costumes

Buy Superhero Costumes

Renaissance Costumes Clothing

Costumes Galore

Buy Pirate Costumes

Wizard of Oz Costumes






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I also have some ads that are trades for in-kind services to theCostumer's Manifesto or the Theatre UAF costume department:


And here is my banner in case you want to give the Manifesto free adspace:


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