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The Costumer's Manifesto: Chronic Town, Tara Made up as Jenny Tara is made up as "Jenny" (an elderly drunk) by makeup designer Jackie Zaizar in the film Chronic TownSo, we have this little bitty feature film

Town(Dir. that was being filmed in Fairbanks in March 2007 and for reasons passing all understanding, I was cast as a comedic elderly drunk with an obsession about a sandwich and a habit of tipping over a lot. So, the film's wonderful makeup designer Jackie Zaizar had to make me look a bit older, and I thought I should share my photos taken in my makeup with the

makeup class. So here goes:

Chronictown0104march07 001.jpg Jackie Zaizar puts on my makeup

Chronictown0104march07 002.jpg

Chronictown0104march07 003.jpg The completed makeup

Chronictown0104march07 004.jpg Me and Jackie

Chronictown0104march07 005.jpg I love my makeup.

Chronictown0104march07 006.jpg

Chronictown0104march07 007.jpg

Chronictown0104march07 008.jpg Trying to call up my inner Jenny

Chronictown0104march07 009.jpg In costume, at the Boatel with Costume Designer Wendy Willis.

Chronictown0104march07 010.jpg

Chronictown0104march07 011.jpg Actor who plays Truman (leading role) hams it up for a photo op with me as Jenny. An amiable human who is really taking the freezing your nuts off temperature very well.

Makeup2007Chronictown09march07 090.jpg Rick, one of UAF's Film Minor students is working as a PA to the crew. Here he sits having a crew "lunch" at 10pm in the basement of the Boatel Bar while we are all filming there one night.


Yahoo Group for the UAF Chronic Town Interns

Town (2008) IMDB

Town - official movie site

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