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The Costumer's Manifesto: Costume College 2009 Photos Photos from Costume College 2009Steampunk Workshop


2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090137.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090138.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090139.jpg Presenter, Tara Maginnis

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090140.jpg

Leather boot with gear design dyed with sharpie markers and mettalic paint pens

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090141.jpg

Nylon corset dyed brown and painted with metallic airbrush paints in laundry squirters

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090142.jpg

Light up can can skirt with t-shirt light sets (small sets of pre-wired led xmas lights, also sometimes called floral lights)

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090143.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090144.jpg

Quick 1912 lampshade dress made from a purple babydoll mini dress, a child's hula hoop, an '80's beaded dress sewn to a nylon pull on 1/2 slip. and the sleeves from the 1980s beaded dress sewn to the straps and armholes of the baybydoll dress.

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090146.jpg

Turban to coordinate for a trip to the Edison bar. Consists of fabric wrapped and stitched over the cap of a de-billed baseball hat, a surrealist pin, a glass xmas ornament of an insect, with a led tea light stuck underneath to illuminate the insect, plus a hole in the top for inserting a portable fiber optic lamp as an aigrette.

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090147.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090148.jpg

Geared backpack consisting of vents of drier hose, and toilet paper rolls, a $1 portable strobe light from Target, a animated plastic infants toy from Playskool, all antiqued and decorated with black paint, gold, silver and copper Rub'n'buff.

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090149.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090150.jpg

Explaining about E-L wire

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090151.jpg

Students select pre-painted water guns to antique with Rub'n'buff:

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090152.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090153.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090154.jpg

2009Steampunkclass2009 0123costumecollege20090155.jpg

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