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The Costumer's Manifesto: 19th Century Costume and Accessories at theMuseum of London 2002 UK Trek with the meeting of Manifesto Fans

I (Tara Maginnis) and my shop head-sidekick Lorraine Pettit have just returned from our trip to The UK and other locations (San Francisco and Las Vegas). During our trip we met up with a bunch of folks who have heard of us through the Manifesto and did assorted activities with them. Here we will share our trip photos and some of what we learned and saw.

19th Century Costume and Accessories at the Museum of London

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Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 142.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 143.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 146.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 147.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 151.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 152.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 154.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 159.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 161.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 163.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 164.jpg Theatrical costume cape

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 166.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 167.jpg Portable Flush Commode, c. 1820

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 169.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 170.jpg Victorian Mourning Jewelry of carved Jet

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 171.jpg Other Victorian Mourning Jewelry, including a necklace made of hair.

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 172.jpg Henry Irving's shoes for playing King Lear, 1892

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 174.jpg Ellen Terry's costume for playing ?

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 175.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 176.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 177.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 178.jpg

A combination corset-flying harness for an Aerialist, 1890's

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 180.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 179.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 183.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 184.jpg Muslin summer dress, c. 1864 (With reproduction sash, petticoat and camisole)

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 188.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 185.jpg Cotton summer dress consisting of jacket, skirt and overskirt 1876-8

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 190.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 186.jpg Reception Dress, by C. Applin, 10 Cork St. London, 1877-9

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 192.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 193.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 194.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 195.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 196.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 197.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 198.jpg Day Dress consisting of a bodice and skirt, by James Schoolbred & Co., Tottenham Court Road, London, 1884-6

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 200.jpg

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 201.jpg Wool Mantle, c. 1888

Vanda22002-06-15Vanda2 202.jpg

1999 UK Costume Tour Images (V&A, Musee de la Mode, etc)

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