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The Russian American Theatre (RAT) Photo AlbumRAT/ART Photo Album:

RAT (Russian American Theatre):

RussiaRat92873 17.jpgThe Actor's Nightmare

Liz Hilliard, Daniel Kleinfeld, Lana Elton. Costumes by Tara Maginnis.

RussiaRat92873 12.jpgThe Actor's Nightmare: LizHilliard

RussiaRat92873 07.jpgThe Actor'sNightmare: Gavin Brennan and Daniel Kleinfeld

Photos by Barbara Gorman

ART (American Russian Theatre):

RussiaRat92873 04.jpg "AlaskaFlakes" Ilena Lee Cramer

RussiaRat92873 20.jpg Rainbow Dance Troupe

RussiaRat92873 05.jpg Dismorphomania: Allisandro Giacomelli, Suzanne Hilger.

RussiaRat92873 09.jpg Are we having fun yet?

RussiaRat92873 10.jpg Tai Qwan Leap: Boot to the Head

Michael Hood and translator Andrei Makarov, speak at Hood's Stage CombatWorkshop

RussiaRat92873 14.jpg Raven Dance: Karl Kalen and Ed Ott

RussiaRat92873 19.jpg Tuma in exile

RussiaRat92873 15.jpg Search for Renaissance: GwenWomack

RussiaRat92873 06.jpg The End.

Photos by Tara Maginnis.

"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis