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The Costumer's Manifesto Costume Links: 1970's

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Timeline of Costume History: 1970's

Recommended Books on 20th Century Fashion

Rags Lives! Blog on 1970-1971 Counter Culture Alternative Clothing magazine Rags @160x120.jpg

YouTube - 1970s Fashions Platform Shoes, Disco, Punk, Cosmeticswatch?v=zwrDmu0i8Ak@160x120.jpg

YouTube - AOL In2TV - Retro Runway 1970swatch?v=iYgl5AfNH3g@160x120.jpg

Fashion History between 1960 and 19801960-1980.htm@160x120.jpg

YouTube - Women's fashions: year by year: 1949-1980watch?v=w2cbKANPQcw&feature=related@160x120.jpg

Costume Movies with 1960-Now Fashions

The 1970s (Fashion Sourcebooks)

LACMA Museum Exhibit "ACentury of Fashion" 1970-2000

1962-1972 Rudi Gernreich Fashions Slideshowwatch?v=8B2wbxI6CWY&feature=related@160x120.jpg

Yahoo! Groups : HistoricCostuming_ModernHistoricCostuming_Modern@160x120.jpg

The Play of Light exhibition at the Musee de la Mode et du Textile:

Mostly Metal and Plastic Clothing 1960-2001

20th Century Fashion History: 1970s1970.htm@160x120.jpg

YouTube - 1976 Fashionwatch?v=0CZ-mPAtlmU&feature=related@160x120.jpg Bell bottoms and leisure suits galore in Montgomery Wards Spring 1976 Catalog.

YouTube - Mini skirt fashion show uk 1970watch?v=DaPmEUFbV_s&feature=related@160x120.jpg Sexi Mini skirt fashion show uk 1970

YouTube - Women fashions in the year 1970watch?v=OKXleNwn3QA&feature=related@160x120.jpg moda femminile per l'anno 1970.Some old photos from 1969 and 1970 showing the women fashions at that time.As we can see,the mini skirt and tiny micro skirt...

JALOU GALLERY - Les archives de l'officiel de la mode (complete archive of French fashion magazine from 1921 - 2009) lofficiel-de-la-mode-sommairepatrimoine-13.html@160x120.jpg

YouTube - 1977 J.C. Penney Catalogwatch?v=Gp11qRaPhEA&feature=related@160x120.jpg A look at some of the ugly fashions of 1977 set to the music of the 1970s.The original blog can be found at

YouTube - ICI Fibres - 1970s Clothes Commercialwatch?v=jNBoJZN-KIk&feature=related@160x120.jpg Amazingly 70s clothes advert for ICI Fibres new range of outfits. A truly stunning and surreal advert.

Party Supply Link:

Buy Retro Candyclick.php?sid=7880&pid=573&bid=2312@160x120.jpg from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

1970/80 Beauty@160x120.jpg

YouTube - 70's Makeupwatch?v=ddzpp3bgs1k&feature=related@160x120.jpg

YouTube - 70's Hair and Makeupwatch?v=Fkgf4z-GJs0&feature=related@160x120.jpg

V&A - Ossie Clark (60s-70s)@160x120.jpg

YouTube - Fashion Show from 1970 film bad music, mod clothes, 'out there' lighting... From a movie called "The Adventurers".

YouTube - 1970s Punk Rock Fashion Show HILARIOUS VINTAGE VIDEO!watch?v=ZPAdvwTEBRI@160x120.jpg

The Swank Pad@160x120.jpg

YouTube - 1978 Russian Ad for Rigas Tekstils Fashionswatch?v=dzsic7xki-w@160x120.jpg

YouTube - 70s fashion school projectwatch?v=CsABw_uF108@160x120.jpg

Bissonnette on Costume: Time Search: The Twentieth Century: 1967 to 19791967-1979.html@160x120.jpg

Friends of the Rag- Performance Art in Wearable Art in the 1970s and 1980s in Seattle@160x120.jpg

Kent State University Museum: Revolutionizing Fashion: The Politics of Style (1970s)Revolution.html@160x120.jpg

Kent State University Museum: Revolutionizing Fashion: The Politics of Style (1970's)Revolution.html@160x120.jpg


Hair and Hairstyles in the culture of the 1970s at Beauty Worldshair1970s.htm@160x120.jpg

LILEKS (James) The Institute of Official Cheer - 50s, 60s, 70s advertising, fashion, and foodindex.html@160x120.jpg

LILEKS (James) the Institute Dorcusella -1977 Fredrick's of Hollywood Catalogindex.html@160x120.jpg

Charles Kleibacker: Master of the Bias (1970s)kleibacker2.htm@160x120.jpg


The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions: Rock Style{390226CE-80DE-11D3-9367-00902786BF44}@160x120.jpg

Hippies in Polyester - Women's Fashions of the 1970s1970s.asp@160x120.jpg

Height of Fashion

CONCERT JUMPSUITS (Kits for making Elvis Impersonator suits)@160x120.jpg

Knitted Elvis Wig Patternelviswig.html@160x120.jpg

The Flip, Hairstyle Blast From The Pasttip483.htm@160x120.jpg

enokiworld : vintage clothing for modern women@160x120.jpg

20th Century Fashion History: 1970s1970.htm@160x120.jpg

The Hair Archives, a website devoted to vintage hair fashion@160x120.jpg

American Family of the 1970s Paper Dolls (Paper Dolls)

Historical Boys Clothing@160x120.jpg (then navigate within site to page on this topic/era)

retroCRUSH: "Awful" early 1970's Sweaters@160x120.jpg

Casual Denim Jeansdenim_jeans_and_casual_wear.htm@160x120.jpg

The Elvis Impersonator's Support Page@160x120.jpg

American History - 1970-1979decade70.html@160x120.jpg

Hair and Hairstyles in the culture of the 1970s at Beauty Worldshair1970s.htm@160x120.jpg

C20th Fitness Fashionfitness_fashion_after_1960.htm@160x120.jpg

Clothes of the 70sclothes.shtml@160x120.jpg

Psychedelic Chic: Artistic Fashions of the Late 1960s & Early 1970s

1970'sCostume Books At Amazon Comexternal-search?tag=thecostumersmani&keyword=costume+1970s&mode=books@160x120.jpg

Neon Colored Stiletto with Light Up Soles

Mystery Date: One Gal's Guide to Good Stuff@160x120.jpg

Chronologie de la Mode 1970 Texte repèresindex1970.html#level126@160x120.jpg

boys clothes in the 1970sc1970.html@160x120.jpg

Fashionable Clothing: From the Sears Catalogs - Early 1970s

Beauty Shoppe ArchivesBSA.html@160x120.jpg

Giorgio Brutini Montana Buff Calf with Lizard Print Dress Shoes Apparel

Pavelka Design (modern Hippie Chick Clothes that look 1970s style)@160x120.jpg

140 Great Fashion Designs, 1950-2000, CD-ROM and Book

The History of Platform shoescontents1.html@160x120.jpg

In studying the revival of seventies fashion as a cultural phenomenon, I was interested in addressing two main questions:aguilar.html@160x120.jpg

Leisure suit lovers boogie down@160x120.jpg

Fashions of a Decade : The 1970's

Nostalgic and Retro Candy from the 1950's 1960's and 1970's - Groovy Candies@160x120.jpg

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