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Theatre UAF Social Life & Customs'''Theatre UAF Social Life & Customs'''
Theatre UAF Social Life & Customs'''Theatre UAF Social Life & Customs'''
[[PagesSociallife2007dramabanquet|17th Annual Drama Banquet and Orgy (2007)]]
[[PagesSociallife2007dramabanquet|17th Annual Drama Banquet and Orgy (2007)]]

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Theatre UAF Social Life & CustomsTheatre UAF Social Life & Customs


17th Annual Drama Banquet and Orgy (2007)

Makeup at the The Pinstripes and Diamonds Monkey Ball (2007)

The Parti-Colored Monkey BallMask-a-Rave (2006)

The Royal Purple Monkey Ball (2005)

Graduation 2005

Food Ideas for Costumer's Parties (Weird food at the 2005 Drama Banquet)

Lorraine's B-Day 2005

Anatoly's B-Day 2005

The Monochromatic Monkey Ball (2002)

The Commie Red Monkey Ball (2001)

The Kelley Green Monkey Ball (2000)

The Pink Monkey Ball (1995)

The Blue Monkey Ball (1998?)

The Mandarin Monkey Ball (and other photos of 1999)

Haunted Theatre UAF

Graduation 2000

Grad Party 2001

Graduation Reception 2004

Mme. Exxxedrin

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cabaret

The Rubber Duckie Ritual

The Secret History of the Graffiti Hall

Dumpster Diver Decor

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