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Beginning Costume Design and Construction


Art/Music/Theatre 200X Aesthetic AppreciationTuesdays & Thursdays 11:30-1:00Room 101 (The “Green Room”)

Instructor: Tara Maginnis 474-7630email:web site:

Tara@costumes.orghttp://www.costumes.orgOffice Hrs:I may be found in the costume shop 1-5pm M-F other than whendepartment and production meetings are scheduled (not known at this time).

Purpose: To begin to learn thevocabulary, basic skills and frame of reference for you to be able tointelligently discuss aesthetic concerns, and express your ideas and feelingsthrough artistic media.

Grading: Grading is based on a system of points given for class participationand successful completion of assignments.The assignments are due on the dates stated and are worth less than1/2 of their point value if turned in late (see extra credit).The total value of points obtainable in theregular assignments is 300 pts.Gradingis based on the following table:

1000-900 pts= AThis comes out to: 100-90%

899-800pts= B89-80%

799-700pts= C79-70%

699-600pts= D69-60%

599-0pts= F59-0%

Attendance Because much of thisclass consists of experiencing art, music and film in class, attendance (150points) and class participation (150 points) is a full 30% of your grade.Repeated unexcused absences willsignificantly lower your grade, if not sink it entirely.Show up.

Sketchbook/JournalYou will be writing, drawing, pasting, etc. into the blank book yourobservations, notes and impressions of the art you see, hear and otherwiseabsorb throughout the semester.Thisjournal will constitute another 30% (300 points) of your grade.

Assignments: You will be writing 6 short (2-3 page) reportson musical and theatrical performances that you see, as well as reports onviewing two art gallery exhibits. The six reports may earn up to 50 pointseach.The remaining 100 points arepossible in one’s final project.

Final Project:Create an artistic project of your own, inany media, that can be displayed, or performed, at the time of the final examperiod.Write a short (½ to 1 page)explanation of what you were trying to convey with the piece, and why you chosethat media to convey it. (100 points possible).

Extra Credit: Besides the regular assignments there are alsoareas of possible extra credit that may take the place of a regular assignmentthat was missed. Extra credit assignments can be turned in at any time butcarry less than 1/2 the credit of a regularly scheduled (on time)assignment.In other words, yourassignments are a little like parking tickets - if you don't "pay"them on time, the "price" doubles and you have to do a double amountof work to get the same point value. This is to teach you the importance ofdeadlines, 'which exist even in artistic work.


Junkyou must buy/scrounge:Script for

of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde, Blank book at least 8”x10”(with or without lines as you prefer), Tickets for Fairbanks Symphony and

UAF productions (prepaid –pick upat box offices),

Thursday September 7thFirstDay of Class.Read Syllabus andintroduce yourself. Discussion: What is Art? (Note the Shenandoah ShakespeareCo. is Performing Richard II at 8:15 tonight, Dr. Faustus onFriday, Much Ado About Nothing on Saturday go to one of theseperformances so we can discuss them on Tuesday – to get free tickets sign up tousher a performance at the Theatre UAF Box Office).

Tuesday September 12th Trydescribing what you saw at the Theatre over the weekend. How do you describeart?Soda can Demonstration.Assignment: Bring examples of “good” and“bad” art to class on Thursday.

Thursday September 14thDiscussion: What is “good” and “bad”art?New-Age-Hippy style sound andsmell-o-vision in class experience.(Note Theatre UAF Auditions are 9-6 on Sat. Sept 16th

Tuesday September 19thVideo:Nosferatu.Assignment: Bringexamples of “moral” and “immoral” art to class on Thursday.Beginning Drawing Practice.Assignment: see BFA Exhibit by Barbara Tudorheld in the UAF Art Gallery 9/18-9/29

Thursday September 21st:Discuss examples of “moral” and “immoral”art.What is artist morality?Assignment: Listen to CD/Tape overweekend.Write in blank book yourimpressions of each track.

Tuesday September 26thDiscuss the Music, track by track.Pickup tickets for the Arctic Chamber Orchestra’s Concert on 9/30

Thursday September 28thVisitingArtist: KSUA DJ talks about music and being a DJ.Assignment. See Arctic Chamber Orchestra’s Concert on 9/30,write 2 page review/impressions.SeeMFA show by Robin Feinman held in the UAF Art Gallery 10/2-10/6.Write review/impressions of this show or theTudor show.

'Tuesday October 3rd'Bring sketchbook/journal to class for perusal by Tara (100 points possible) Drawingyour own face (bring pencils and your journal).

Thursday October 5thVisiting Artist: TBA. Review/impressions of ACO concert due. (50 ptspossible).Assignment:Watch video of Schindler’s List overthe weekend.

Tuesday October 10thDiscussSchindler’s ListAssignment:Bring an example ofthe grotesque in art to class on Thursday.

Thursday October 12thShow and tell discussion of the grotesquein art.Review/impressions of the Feinman show or the Tudor showdue.(50 pts possible).

Tuesday October 17thDrawing inanimate objects (bring pencilsand your journal). Pick up your Winter Shorts tickets at the Theatre UAF boxoffice.

Thursday October 19thGuest Lecturer: Person involved in upcomingWinter Shorts show. (Note The Student Drama Association’s Winter Shorts arescheduled for 8:15 pm Sept 20, 21, 27, 28, and 2:00pm on the 29thYou are required to attend one of theseperformances.)

Tuesday October 24rdDrawinginanimate objects that aren’t there (bring pencils and your journal).Pickuptickets to the FairbanksSymphony Orchestra’s concert on 10/29

Thursday October 26thHippie touchy-feely session where we listen to opera/musicals in the dark.Assignment: Go to the Fairbanks SymphonyOrchestra’s concert on 10/29, write review/impressions.

Tuesday October 31thNot quitea guest artist:Tara talks aboutcostuming for film and theatre, how you do it, why it works, with video to showexamples.Written report on FSOconcert due. (50 pts possible).

Thursday November 2ndDrawing one another’s faces (bring pencils and your journal). Written reporton Winter Shorts due. (50 pts possible). Assignment:Read The Importance of Being Ernest overthe Weekend.

'Tuesday November 7thVisiting Artist:Ask questions of oneof the members of the production team of Ernest.Bring sketchbook/journal to class for perusal by Tara (100points possible)


Thursday November 9th: Workhelping us make The Importance of Being Ernest Costumes!Assignment: See BFA show by Carol Wilburheld in the UAF Art Gallery 11/13-11/17.

Tuesday November 14th GuestArtist: TBA

Thursday November 16thDramatic/oral interpretation of literature.

Tuesday November 21thAvant Garde Art videos.Assignment:Watch “American Beauty over Thanksgivingbreak.

Thursday November 23nd ThanksgivingBreak. See juried student show held in the UAF Art Gallery 11/27-12/8.

Tuesday November 28thDiscussion: American Beauty. Pick up your Ernesttickets at the Theatre UAF box office

Thursday November 30thShakespeareand film, video/lecture on Shakespeare’s influence on the American film. (NoteTheatre UAF’s Importance of Being Ernest is scheduled for 8:15 pm Dec.1, 2, 7, 8 and 2:00pm on the 9thYou are required to attend one of these performances.)

Tuesday December 5thDrawing your own face (bring pencils andyour journal).

'Thursday December 7th Slidepontification: The Almost Complete History of Western Art in an HourWrittenreport/impressions of the Wilbur or Student show due. (50 pts possible)


Tuesday December 12thGuest Artist:TBA.Written Reporton The Importance of Being Ernest Due.(50 pts possible)

'Thursday December 14th:Tara lectures at you about How to “Fake”CreativityBring sketchbook/journal to class for perusal by Tara (100points possible)


Final Exam Period: Display and performances of art works by theclass.

Extra Credit Projects

You can earn up to 25 points of extra creditfor any of the following:

An additional theatre review of a live showseen from 9/7/00-12/16/00

An additional music review of a live showseen from 9/7/00-12/16/00

An additional art review of a gallery showseen from 9/7/00-12/16/00

You can earn up to 20 points extra credit bywriting

A movie review of a film seen from9/7/00-12/16/00

A cd review of an album seen from9/7/00-12/16/00

A web site review of an art or entertainmentsite seen from 9/7/00-12/16/00

If you can write either of these categoriesof reviews well enough that the Sun Star, News Miner, the New Lemming oranother regular publisher will print it. And if you can show me it has in factbeen published, your extra credit on the review doubles.

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