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The Eagle's Gift, Tuma Theatre/Theatre UAF, 1993

AknativeTumaEagle11.jpg The Eagle's Gift (1993)

AknativeTuma09703 09.jpgThe fox spirits beginthe play

AknativeTumaEagle2.jpg Root woman and theentanglement people are pained by the death of the Eagle

AknativeTuma92874 12.jpg

AknativeTumaEagle1.jpgRoot Woman hearsthe Eagle Mother's Call

AknativeTuma92874 14.jpg Blood Woman


AknativeTumaP6.jpg Blood Woman (rear)brings the young couple to the mother of the Giant Eagle they killed. The old Eagle motherasks them why they killed her son.

AknativeTumaEagle11.jpg Eagle Mothertransforms into a young Shaman-woman and begins to heal the ills of the young couple whokilled her son. She then teaches them the ways of their ancestors, and the way to sing anddance. Singing and dancing brings the Eagle's spirit back to his mother.

AknativeTuma92874 15.jpg

AknativeTuma09703 10.jpgRed fox spiritcostume made from chip bags. To read about why we made spirit costumes fromchip bags,


AknativeTuma09703 11.jpg To see more photos of the recycledcostumes

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See by the former stage Director of Tuma

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