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uktour p19: The British Museum: Benin Bronzes & Eskimo Gutskin Garments Page 19; 1999 UK/Paris Costume Tour Pictures

Day 7:

British Museum

Sorry but the British Museum, while still allowing photos to be taken in it's galleries now states that those photos may not be put on the web, so I have removed my photos of the objects in their collections.

Museum in the morning, then walk through the historic shopping districts: see Liberty of London (original homeof 19th Century Aesthetic dress & Morris fabrics),Burlington Arcade (sells historical jewelry in it’s 19th Centurybuilding), and eat an inexpensive lunch at Fortnum & Mason’s, where the groceryclerks still wear full Edwardian Morning dress suits. In the afternoon see theThe Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection atKensington Palace . Evening atthe theatre seeing

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