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UKtour p18: BathPage 18; 1999 UK/Paris Costume Tour Pictures

Day 6: Bath

Digest your breakfast on the express train to Bath, Jane Austen's favorite watering place. Central

[1] has remained virtually unchanged since her time, and so we will be able to trot around and see the Medieval cathedral, the with their 18th Century Pump Room, The Theatre Royal, The Royal Crescent and The Assembly Rooms. Best of all, carved out in the bowels of the basement of the Assembly Rooms is England's

Re-enactors, Georgette Heyer and Austin fetishists, and people who just like an excuse to dress up, are encouraged to embarrass our group by dressing in Regency clothing

PhotoalbumMmeexgoesaustinMvc-012f.jpg for this day. At 1pm we will get a guided tour of the exhibit, then hunt down vintage clothing in the antique shops of Bath for the afternoon. Evening return to London.

The Roman Baths

1999uktourDisk21Mvc-005f.jpgRegency Spice at The Pump Room


1999uktourDisk21Mvc-004f.jpg Bath Cathedral visible behind people viewing the Baths

The Ceiling Dome of the Entrance to the Baths




. Alas, no photos allowed inside :(


1999uktourDisk21Mvc-008f.jpgMme. Exxxedrin & Ducky at the Museum of Costume


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