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<img src="../aknative/tuma/utetmun1.jpg" width="120" height="160"> Other Tuma Shows: Agayu

<a href="AGAYU2.HTM"><img src="../aknative/tuma/agayu3.jpg" border="0" width="278" height="187"></a> Agayu (1994) Designed by Nat ? Click on photo to see a closeup of this picture. Nat was a guest artist in the Art Department, who was asked by director Theresa John to Design sets, lights and costumes for Agayu.

<a href="../aknative/tuma/92874_18.jpg"> <img src="../aknative/tuma/92874_18_small.jpg" width="180" height="113"></a> <a href="../aknative/tuma/92874_19.jpg"> <img src="../aknative/tuma/92874_19_small.jpg" width="179" height="180"></a>

Photos by Tara Maginnis

<img border="0" src="../../store/advertisers/amazon/books4/inuitpunch.jpg" width="85" height="114"> <a HREF="" ADD_DATE="1016970778" LAST_VISIT="1016970828" LAST_MODIFIED="1016970773">Inuit Punch-Out Masks</a>

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