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The Costumer's Manifesto: Harry Potter Costume Party andCosplay Links

Harry PotterCostume Party and Cosplay Links:

Harry Potter Decorating and Prop LinksGeneral

Examples of easy home-made HP decoupage trays and boxes

Wizard Store

Potter how-to projects on Instructables

PLACE zShop sells hard to find oldHarry Potter Memorabilia

Harry Potter Merchandise - Prisoner of Azkaban

Astrolabes and Armillary Spheres

Brass Astrolabes. Stanley London.

Canes | Nautical | Solid BrassAstrolabe Ring with Stand

Gifts - Catalog - Brass Tango for Nauticals, Telescopes,Pashminas

Design Gifts -DESK ACCESSORIES - Ancient Astronomers Brass Astrolabe - Brass Tango forNauticals, Telescopes, Pashminas

Brass Astrolabes from The Brass Compass

File:Www.jpgGalileo Sundial - Polished



Large hourglass, 60 min.




Furniture and Decor

Twist Column Hour Glass

Index.....Theme Beds - Girls, Boys, Teens, Nursery decoratingIdeas, lots of pictures, decor links and accessorie links

and wizards theme decorating Ideas ... medieval theme decor...

castle decorating Ideas and decor accents

Bedroom Decorating for Boys - Props - Castle Beds - Wizard Themedecorating

Wizard and Dragons Wall Mirror

Constructing Medieval Furniture : Plans andInstructions With Historical Notes

Medieval Furniture: Plans and Instructionsfor Historical Reproductions

Pewter Dragons

Potter Squashy Purple Sleeping Bag : UK

Store - HEDWIG'S CUPBOARD: Sweets and Treats, Bewitching BAGS, The Apothecary

Double Dragon Mantel Clock: Enchanted KingdomCollection

Graystone Decor Wrap

- Hogwarts Theme

eBay Store

Potter ProductsGallery: Housewares -- Furniture

Harry Potter's Journey to Hogwarts WallHangings



Gothic-style steeple chair

pillows::Hogwarts 13" x 17" Pillow (Decorative Pillows)


Venezia Cordials - Set of Four

Gothic-style steeple mirror

-Book Stack Drawers


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Snape, Reprint Movie Poster, 27x40

Home & Garden: Harry Potter Cookie Jar

Wands by Crafty Owl

goblets, wooden chalices and wood cups

Oak Wooden Goblet with Phoenix design

Harry Potter-Traditional 8 3/8" Salad Plate


File:MgenMerchandiser17295.jpg?is=90,90,0xffffffHarry Potter Hogwarts Banner

Add a touch of Hogwarts to yourparty or decorate your room!

Wands and other Props

Harry Potter Magic WandCollection

Wands for HarryPotter wands fans - See our Magic Wands

Props, promo & autograph items.

Chamber of Secrets props 1


Potter Malfoy's Wand


Magical Wands -- Old world magic wands and unique gifts

Wand Shop

Mini Cauldrons - Set of Two

Pen, Ink Powder & Paper

Potter Gringotts Bank Coin Collection by Noble Collection


to theFuture /Making Harry Potter Props




File:Www.netImage-904740-10280984Harry Potter Ron Weasley's Wand by Noble Collection


Everything Else: Harry Potter Wand - Handcrafted Hardwood

Everything Else: Albus Dumbledore Handcrafted Hardwood Wand - Harry Potter Collection


- Wand Photos and Construction Ideas

Harry Potter Zonko's Joke (Funny Noises) Wand

Quill and Ink Set

Wizard Equipment

Me - Gilderoy Lockhart - Home page

CalligraphyPens, Goose Writing Quills, Reed Pens, Bamboo Pens and Calames

Iron Star Pot Belly Cauldron with Lid

of Writing with Quills

Photosof HP Props

MOREHarry Potter Costume Party and Cosplay Links:

magic tricks, online activities, haunted house ideas, lots of ideas for HP type stuff to do.

where to get supplies, how-to advice, cosplay links for finding others who want to dress in HP costumes

ideas for making, and places to buy, decorating items for turning your room(s) into Hogwarts for the day, or forever. Also how to make/buy wands and other props.

Foods to make or buy for Potter Parties

specifically PARTY advice links, plus links to suppliers of tablewear.

things you can print out and use, plus suitable fonts for making your own printables. Includes

Activities and Special EffectsCostumesDecor and PropsEdiblesParty Tips and SuppliesPrintables and FontsFree "Butterbeer" Labels for Soda or Beer

to give you ideas, or help you make your replicas right.

Product Links

9 inch Flame FX Cauldron 9 inch Flame FX Cauldron

Fog Maker Fog Maker

Gargoyles and Dragon Desk Clock Gargoyles and Dragon Desk Clock

Musical Miniature TeaPot Musical Miniature TeaPot

Lady & Unicorn Tapestry Lady & Unicorn Tapestry

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Harry Potter Wizard Chess

Cosmos Sun Moon Cotton Throw Blanket Cosmos Sun Moon Cotton Throw Blanket

Celestial Rug Celestial Rug

Flaming Cauldron - 12" Flaming Cauldron - 12"

4 Dragons Votive Holder 4 Dragons Votive Holder

Medieval style glass dragon Medieval style glass dragon

Harry Potter and His Wand Pillow Harry Potter and His Wand Pillow

Father Sun Throw Father Sun Throw

Johnson Brothers Harry Potter-Traditional 83/8" Salad Plate Johnson Brothers Harry Potter-Traditional 83/8" Salad Plate

StarLight - Blue Iridescent decorative hanging star lamp

Egyptian perfume bottles (set of 5) Egyptian perfume bottles (set of 5)

Sun & Moon Sundial - Verdigris Sun & Moon Sundial - Verdigris

Armillary Table Armillary Table

Unicorn Desire Tapestry Medium Multi Unicorn Desire Tapestry Medium Multi

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