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Naam/Gen Eehu (1995) Production stills by Kade Mendelowitz

Naam/Gen Eehu (1995)

Production stills by Kade Mendelowitz

AknativeTuma92874 05.jpg StephanieStowman as the Old Woman

AknativeTuma92874 08.jpg The Young Man (Ivan Heffner) looksaskance at the Ugly Woman his father has chosen as his bride.

Jeanine Patane as the Ugly Woman

AknativeTuma92874 04.jpg

AknativeTuma92874 06.jpg Tony Evans as John Snaddy gives adoll to Little Evelyn (hiding behind Mom) played by Jeanine Patane.

AknativeTuma92874 09.jpg Little Evelyn is pleased with thedoll.

AknativeTuma92874 10.jpg Little Evelyn puts the doll on herback with a baby strap.

AknativeTuma92874 07.jpg A Tourist (Stephanie Stowman) takesa photo of her companion posing with Little Evelyn's Family.


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