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The Costumer's Manifesto: Pre-Historic, Babelonian, Biblical &Scythian Costume Links Pre-Historic, Babylonian and Biblical Costume Links


AncientRepublish_937424.htm@160x120.jpg Pre-Historic CostumeAncient Worlds News - Human body lice reveal the birthdate of fashion - 02/09/2003

0102.html@160x120.jpg ASA - December 1996: Origins: The Shaman's Cape-Religion among the Neanderthals

ph.html@160x120.jpg chronology of boys' clothing -- pre-history

iceman4.html@160x120.jpg The Clothing Worn by the Iceman

20041208-9999-lz1c8textiles.html@160x120.jpg > News > Science -- Threads of old

historyrepeatspyg001.htm@160x120.jpg History Repeats Itself: Beauty from the Paleolithic Age to the Iron Age:

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Barbarian Europe Costume Links

Early_shoes.htm@160x120.jpg Early shoes

0733.html@160x120.jpg Conference on prehistoric leather--Conservation DistList

Clothing.html@160x120.jpg MSN Encarta - Clothing

0121.html@160x120.jpg Evolution - September 1998: Neanderthal Culture (long)

NEEDLE.htm@160x120.jpg NEEDLE

shaman-cave.html@160x120.jpg The Shaman In The Cave

shaman_costume.html@160x120.jpg Shamans Costumes

news197.htm@160x120.jpg World’s Oldest Hats Discovered?

chron.htm@160x120.jpg History of Human Technology

e-tattoohistory.htm@160x120.jpg Tattoo History

misc.htm@160x120.jpg into you tattooshop - archaeology of tattooing

B_0371.htm@160x120.jpg BANGLAPEDIA: Bead

witcombe.html@160x120.jpg Stone Age Women: "Venus" of Willendorf

bead_history.html@160x120.jpg Bead Expo 2003 - History of Beads

ukrainevenus.html@160x120.jpg Venus figures from Russia,the Ukraine and sites East of the Donau mouth

sm_420160.html?menu=news.scienceanddiscovery@160x120.jpg Ananova - Stone Age 'lipstick' may have meant no sex

@160x120.jpg Historical Boys Clothing

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news276.htm@160x120.jpg Ancient stone marks may roll back date of 'modern behavior'

paint_a_mammoth.html@160x120.jpg How to Paint a Mammoth

ICW-38.html@160x120.jpg Clothing - Indian Country Wisconsin

willendorfdiscovery.html@160x120.jpg Venus of Willendorf

topic_ancient.html@160x120.jpg Digital Archive of Documents Related to Ancient Textiles

s13173.htm@160x120.jpg Science Show - 10/10/98: Prehistoric Textiles

RT36C.html@160x120.jpg Textile Arts of the Ancient Near East

ph.html@160x120.jpg chronology of boys' clothing -- pre-history

article.jhtml@160x120.jpg Natural History: Naked: it's so 68,000 B.C - Samplings - Brief Article

hsclist.htm@160x120.jpg Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions: Museum Directory

distaff2.html@160x120.jpg Distaff, Worldwide, deep antiquity

hsc00b.htm@160x120.jpg The Warp-Weighted Loom, Worldwide, 7000 BCE

cloth2.html@160x120.jpg Woven Cloth, Worldwide, 7000 BCE

stringskirt2.html@160x120.jpg String Skirt, Europe, 6000 BCE

eyeliner2.html@160x120.jpg Eyeliner, Egypt, 4000 BCE



& Environs

BabylonTimeline of Costume History: Ancient Babylon

ancient.htm@160x120.jpg The Costume Gallery's Research Library- Mesopotamia

scythian%20jewelry.htm@160x120.jpg Near Eastern and nomadic jewelry of Eurasia, 1 Millennium B.C. and other artifacts of antiquity and medieval times.

SasanianClothing.pdf@160x120.jpg PDF on Ancient Sasanian Clothing (Modern Iran area)

COSTUME1_INDEX.HTML@160x120.jpg History of Costumes Image Index page1

AssyrianR.htm@160x120.jpg Places in Bible Times - Assyrian Rulers:

calls.shtml@160x120.jpg The Clothed Body in the Ancient World

ur.htm@160x120.jpg McClung Museum - TREASURES FROM THE ROYAL TOMBS OF UR

ladyuttu.html@160x120.jpg Uttu - Sumerian Goddess of Weaving & Clothing

hittites.htm@160x120.jpg Who Were the Hittites

dress.html@160x120.jpg Phoenicia, Phoenician Dress, Ornaments and Social Habits

index.asp?article=earth_history_syrianandphoenicianscostumes@160x120.jpg The Syrian and Phoenicians - A History of Costumes 2300 B.C.

dress.html@160x120.jpg Phoenician Dress, Ornaments and Social Habits

@160x120.jpg Historical Boys Clothing

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Old Testament Dress

2.html@160x120.jpg Dress and Ornaments in the Old Testament

Racinet's Le Costume Historique

Ancient Israel

shatnez.html@160x120.jpg Shatnez: Forbidden Mixtures of Clothing'sclothing.htm@160x120.jpg Biblical Research Institute Women in Men's Clothing

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Religious Clothing Links

20020924.htm@160x120.jpg Bible Study - Leather

@160x120.jpg Smith's Bible Dictionary (Dress) by Search Works

14.htm@160x120.jpg Fringes and Snails

mf.html@160x120.jpg ANCIENT HEBREW CLOTHING

COSTUME1_INDEX.HTML#Plate4@160x120.jpg The History of Costume -Plate # 4 - Ancient Judah

index.asp?article=earth_history_hebrewscostumes@160x120.jpg The Hebrews - A History of Costumes World History of India, The Hebrews - A History of Costumes, We possess very few representa

index.asp?article=earth_history_hebrewscostumes@160x120.jpg The Hebrews - A History of Costumes

view.cgi?number=T1233@160x120.jpg Dress - Smith's Bible Dictionary on Westover Study Resources

DL_Clothing.htm@160x120.jpg Daily Life in Palestine - clothing

view.cgi?number=T233@160x120.jpg Garments -citations in scripture

priest_garments.htm@160x120.jpg High Priest Garments

priestly-garments.html@160x120.jpg The Priestly Garments

deut4b.htm@160x120.jpg shema in english and hebrew,tzitzit and tallit,jewish tassels fringes and garments,chai,hamesh hand,links

highprst.htm@160x120.jpg High Priest Page

Dress.htm@160x120.jpg Life in Bible Times - Dress:

A%20Hebrew%20wearing%20a%20garment%20with%20fringes%20la.htm@160x120.jpg Fringes: A Hebrew wearing a garment with fringes.

@160x120.jpg Bible Picture Gallery for projectors, clipart, Bible teaching

Jewishp.htm@160x120.jpg Life in Bible Times - Jewish Priests:

@160x120.jpg DRESS Bible Study - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - DRESS Definition

@160x120.jpg Historical Boys Clothing

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Scythians and "Amazons"

sl37.htm@160x120.jpg Scythian/Sarmatian Influence on Slavonic Mythology and Decorative Art by Sergei V. Rjabchikov - English

e.scythians.htm@160x120.jpg Scythian historical tattooing

womenprehist.html@160x120.jpg Women Warriors Throughout History, 3500BC to 20th Century,

amazons.html@160x120.jpg The Nature Of The Amazons

scythians_and_hoplites.htm@160x120.jpg Scythians and Hoplites

flagcap.html@160x120.jpg The Cap of Liberty

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