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The Costumer's Manifesto: 17th Century Fabric & Lace fromSpeltz' Styles of Ornament (1904)

17th Century Fabric & Lace from Speltz' Styles of Ornament (1904)

FabricGermantextilepatternsCarpet.gif German Carpet Pattern ofthe early 16th Century

FabricGermantextilepatternsBlakvelvongold.gif German patternof black velvet on gold cloth

FabricGermantextilepatternsGoldbrocade.gif Flemish GoldBrocade

FabricGermantextilepatternsGoldbroconblk.gif German GoldBrocade on Black from a painting of the Cologne School

FabricGermantextilepatternsGoldembonblk.gif German GoldEmbroidery on Black Velvet, detail of the mantle worn by Pfaltsgraf Wilhelm biem Rheyn onhis marriage with Renata von Lothringen, 1568.

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17thcentFabricGenoaworkemb.gif Genoese work, silk ongold ground (

click for largerimage)

17thcentLaceVenicelacecol1.gif Venetian lacecollar fragment.

17thcentLaceVenicelacecol2.gif Two VenetianLace collars.

17thcentFabricEmbostgenoavelvet.gif EmbossedGenoese Velvet

17thcentFabricGoldembriod.gif Gold embroideredtable cover.

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