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The Costumer's Manifesto: 16th Century Costume & Accessories at theV&A 2002 UK Trek with the meeting of Manifesto Fans

I (Tara Maginnis) and my shop head-sidekick Lorraine Pettit have just returned from our trip to The UK and other locations (San Francisco and Las Vegas). During our trip we met up with a bunch of folks who have heard of us through the Manifesto and did assorted activities with them. Here we will share our trip photos and some of what we learned and saw.

16th Century Costumes at the Victoria & Albert Museum

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Bust of Henry VII (reigned from 1485--1509)

Cope made for Henry VII's household, and left to Westminster Abbey in Henry's will.1485-1509, England, The Cope is decorated with the Tudor rose, portcullis, and other badges of Henry's newly founded dynasty, to emphasize the new kin's authority.

Spanish copes & dalmatics of the same era:

Stained glass windows showing jester and other performer clothes of the early 16th Century:

Man's Cloak, 1580-1600, red satin, couched and embroidered with silver, silver gilt and colored silk threads, trimmed with silver gilt and silk thread fringes and tassels, lined with pink linen, France. Fan Handle, c. 1550, Venice (with modern replacement feathers).

Woman's Smock 1575-1585, black work silk trimmed sleeves and body, with modern replacement skirt and lace trim, England.

Silk hanging embroidered with Tudor Roses, 1550-1600, England.

1999 UK Costume Tour Images (Musee de la Mode, etc)

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