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The Costumer's Manifesto: Study in London 2006-2007 Study in London


Photo of Hampton Court Palace, by Tara Maginnis.

[This page is purely an example of the kind of web pages I will be making for recruitment if I am selected to teach in the

London program. This is just part of the application I am making to NCSA, and not yet a real class. To learn more about the existing AHA study programs around the world, including the NCSA London program, click


London program is a full time 11 week program of study based in central London. College students from member schools in the

Council on Study Abroad receive home-campus credit. Students attending nonmember institutions receive transfer credit from a designated member school.

These pages provide information on two of the classes proposed for this program (not yet approved) by Tara Maginnis, the author of the Costumer's Manifesto web site. The existing

program has many courses to choose from every term on a variety of subjects.

Class #1: A History of British Fashion & Decor

Class #2: British Theatre Practice from the Romans to the Present

Londonhotel2002-06-08Hotel050.jpg About instructor,

Tara Maginnis



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