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The Costumer's Manifesto: 2002 UK Trek with the meeting of Manifesto Fans I (Tara Maginnis) and my shop head-sidekick Lorraine Pettit have just returned from our trip to The UK and other locations (San Francisco and Las Vegas). During our trip we met up with a bunch of folks who have heard of us through the Manifesto and did assorted activities with them. Here we will share our trip photos and some of what we learned and saw.

Hats at the Victoria & Albert Museum

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Ritual Helmet, Gilt copper set with stones, 1677, Nepal. Worn by Buddhist priests in religious ceremonies.

Coif, first quarter of the 17th Century, English.

"Sugar Loaf" hat, mid 17th Century, English.

Red Velvet man's Undress cap, early 18th Century, English.

Man's Undress cap, early 18th Century.

Lady's Hat, 1760-1770, English.

Tapering Top hat, beaver felt, Early 19th Century, English.

Flat top hat, Early 19th Century, English.

(V&A Costume Collection)

Calash Bonnet,


Hairnet and artificial curls of silk with ribbon trim.

Bonnet, Stiffened white net and blue silk ribbons, 1840-1850, English.

Bonnet, Stiffened white taffeta, worn at a wedding, c. 1856, English.

Cap 1858-1860, silk net and ribbon, English.

Hat of sable trimmed with ribbon, by Caroline Reboux, said to have been worn by the Empress Eugenie, 1865-1870, French.

Top hat, by Christy's, c.1868, English.

Bonnet, Plaited straw and velvet, c.1880, English.

Man's Straw boater, 1900, English.

Silk and Ostrich Feather Hat, Wooland Brothers, c. 1910, English.

Hat worn by Miss Heather Firbank, c. 1913, Black straw with ostrich, English.

Straw with Ribbon work daisies c. 1925 by Madame Louise, English.

Felt Cloche hat, c. 1928, French.

Pink felt "Picture" hat, c.1937, English

"Dinner Hat, trimmed with artificial flowers, Marshall and Snelgrove, c. 1937, English.

Red Felt Toque, with ribbon and Ostrich trim, Aage Thaarup, c. 1942, English. Boater hat with flowers, Madame Suzy, 1946, French. "Coolie" hat, Felt and Mohair, Jacques Faith, 1951, French.

Straw hat with flowers, Aage Thaarup, late 1960's, English.

Malcolm Morris gives a demonstration on Tiara Making. Morris made Viola's party tiara in Shakespeare in Love

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and Albert Museum

Manager of the Picture Library of the V&A  Four Hundred Years of Fashion Manager of the Picture Library of the V&A Four Hundred Years of Fashion

Embroidery in Britain From 1200 to 1750: The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection Embroidery in Britain From 1200 to 1750: The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection

and Albert Museum

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