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The Costumer's Manifesto: 2002 UK Trek with the meeting of Manifesto Fans I (Tara Maginnis) and my shop head-sidekick Lorraine Pettit have just returned from our trip to The UK and other locations (San Francisco and Las Vegas). During our trip we met up with a bunch of folks who have heard of us through the Manifesto and did assorted activities with them. Here we will share our trip photos and some of what we learned and saw.

19th Century Costume at the Victoria & Albert Museum

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Muslin dress embroidered with whitework, made for a European lady in Bengal in the early 19th Century.

Lorraine views some of the cases devoted to clothing made in India. Early 19th Century shoes (blue and yellow)

Wonderfully over- the top dressing gown of tufted wool in a loose imitation of ermine (sort of like obvious faux fur) 1820's

(V&A Costume Collection)

Double breasted Wool dress coat, English, 1815-1820

dress c. 1828-30

Unboned corset of the same era.

Mourning bracelet of carved jet, mid century.

In the British Galleries Julia and Lorraine examine the innards of one of the reproduction corsets for use trying on in the study areas.

Woman's "vest" underwear, c. 1850, Machine knitted wool, cotton placket mother of pearl buttons, England.

Man's under drawers, c. 1850, Machine knitted wool, linen waistband, mother of pearl buttons, England.

c. 1850 socks and shoes.

Boy's angarkha style brocaded silk coat, with metal threads and silk embroidery, made in Northern India, (probably Varanasi/Benares) in the mid 19th Century. 1860's

c. 1870

White Cotton dress, English, c. 1885

Dresses of the 1880's

Aesthetic Suit, 1880-1885, cotton velvet, silk braid edges, lining of woven wool, silk and glazed linen.

Woman's Aesthetic Dress, 1895-1900, silk and cotton brocade, silk satin front panel, silk plush edgings, taffeta lining. Made in the "Artistic Costume Studio" of Liberty and Co. Ltd. London for a member of the Liberty family. (The slight floral pattern which appears to be on the front panel of the dress in the first picture is actually a reflection of my own Aloha shirt on the glass case, not part of the dress design.)

Dresses of the 1890's

Open Fronted pair of corsets, c. 1895, tan cotton twill (coutil) with dark brown cotton twill casings, trimmed with black machine made lace, possibly English or German.

Open Fronted pair of corsets for summer, 1895-1900, Linen net with cotton twill (coutil) casings, and panels trimmed with cotton machine made lace, possibly English or German.

Flexible pair of "health" corsets of machine knitted jersey, with removable metal bones for washing. c. 1890's.

(at lower left) Woman's stocking, c. 1880, machine knitted silk and cotton, possibly for cycling, English.

(at Center) Woman's Stocking, 1900, machine knitted silk with embroidered snake in iridescent sequins and colored beads, French. Bought for the donor, Dowager Lady Swaything, OBE, at the Paris Exposition.

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Embroidery in Britain From 1200 to 1750: The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection Embroidery in Britain From 1200 to 1750: The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection

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