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ImagesCostshop09703 04.jpg The Costume Shop is unusually large for an undergraduate-only theatre program. While comparing notes with other costumers in the Northwest Drama Conference (AK, WA, OR, & ID) I found it "tied" with Anchorage as the biggest college shop space (21' x 53' in the main room alone) in the Conference region.

ImagesCostshop09703 13.jpg

ImagesCostshop92916 12.jpg


ImagesCostshop92916 03.jpg

Like nearly every costume shop, it is in a basement with no windows and cement walls, but in Winter in Fairbanks this is a blessing. You never realize that it's cold and dark outside till you go to get your car. (Boy do you notice it then!)

ImagesCostshop77548 10.jpg

ImagesCostshop92916 05.jpg

One of the main shop disadvantages, a poor ventilation system, we turned to our advantage, by making an all

non-toxic vapor working environment

ImagesCostshop92916 04.jpg

ImagesCostshop09703 12.jpg

We have two full-size (4' x 8') padded cutting tables, and a full and a 2/3's size crafts tables, plus a hot glue table.

ImagesCostshop77548 03.jpg Oh, yes, and we once had a part-time costume shop cat, the estimable


Costume Shop Equipment

ImagesCostshop77549 08.jpg The shop has a comfortable amount of good, equipment, including 6 Wolf-type dress forms, 3 Bernina sewing machines, an industrial overlock serger, a Consew industrial, an Airbrush and compressor, and a genuine industrial soup cooker dye vat.

ImagesCostshop77549 03.jpg We also have a new commercial washer & drier, provided by a group of community donors.

ImagesCostshop77549 04.jpg (Ain't it a dream?) We also have two nearly new electric-pump industrial steam irons, a newer Thompson portable industrial walking foot, and a barely year old standing steamer wand.

ImagesCostshop1ax mach.jpg We also have a Pentium computer connected to the university T1 ethernet for the shop.

ImagesCostshop1ax bin2.jpg Students working on their own projects have access to our extensive swatch and scrap bin system, where any fabric smaller than a foot square is available for swatches, and any fabric smaller than a yard square is folded into color coded scraps for use in shows and projects.

ImagesCostshop1ax bins.jpg


In addition to the main room is:

The Hat Room

The Unisex Bathroom

The Shoe Room

The Men's & Women's Dressing Rooms

Upstairs Storage of Stock

To see all of these

Click Here.

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