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The Treasures Of Fresno: Fashion Plates of the French Revolution

The Treasures Of Fresno:Fashion Plates of the French Revolution


18thcentRevolution1790jan.jpg Jan 1790

18thcentRevolution1790feb.jpg Feb 1790

18thcentRevolution1790mars.jpg March 1790

18thcentRevolution1790june2.jpg June 1790

18thcentRevolution1790june.jpg June 1790

18thcentRevolution1790june1.jpg June 1790

18thcentRevolution1790july.jpg July 1790

18thcentRevolution1790july2.jpg July 1790

18thcentRevolution1790sept.jpg Sept 1790

18thcentRevolution1790dec.jpg Dec. 1790

18thcentRevolution1791jan.jpg Jan 1791

18thcentRevolution1791sept.jpg Sept 1791

18thcentRevolution1791oct.jpg Oct 1791

18thcentRevolution1791nov.jpg Nov 1791

18thcentRevolution1791dec2.jpg Dec 1791

18thcentRevolution1791dec.jpg Dec 1791

18thcentRevolution1792jan.jpg Jan 1792

18thcentRevolution1792mars1.jpg Mar 1792

18thcentRevolution1792avril.jpg Apr 1792

18thcentRevolution1792mai.jpg May 1792

18thcentRevolution1792june.jpg June 1792

18thcentRevolution1792july.jpg July 1792

18thcentRevolution1792july2.jpg July 1792

18thcentRevolution1792oct.jpg Oct 1792

18thcentRevolution1792oct2.jpg Oct 1792

18thcentRevolution1792nov.jpg Nov 1792

18thcentRevolution1792dec.jpg Dec 1792

18thcentRevolution1796may.jpg May 1796

18thcentRevolution1796aug.jpg Aug 1796

18thcentRevolution1797jan.jpg Jan 1797

18thcentRevolution1797april.jpg Apr. 1797

18thcentRevolution1797june1.jpg June 1797

18thcentRevolution1797june2.jpg June 1797

18thcentRevolution1797aug.jpg Aug 1797

18thcentRevolution1797oct.jpg Oct 1797

18thcentRevolution1798aug.jpg Aug. 1798

18thcentRevolution1798dec.jpg Dec. 1798

18thcentRevolution1799feb.jpg Feb. 1799

18thcentRevolution1798sept.jpg Sept. 1799

18thcentRevolution1802may.jpg May 1802

18thcentRevolution1803feb.jpg Feb 1803

18thcentRevolution1805feb.jpg Feb 1805

18thcentRevolution1806sept.jpg Sept 1806

Costume materials in the of the Henry Madden Library of the California State University Fresno.Pictures included for educational and viewing purposes only.

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