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How this Class WorksHow this Class Works

Accessing the Class:

You can access this website and do your classassignments from any internet connected computer, either Macintosh or Windows based.All assignments, and homework can be completed and submittedfrom any such computer. Having a good internet connection is therefore amust for sanity in this class.

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The Paperless Classroom:

This is a "paperless" class. There is nohard copy text book to buy, although you may choose to print out the online textif you wish. (Books on an assortment of costume topics that may interestyou are ). All your class work can be done on computer, and saved onyour web page (I'm coming to that later) and/or the class message board, soyou don't need to print anything out. I recommend that you save copiesof your home work to a floppy disk or your home computer hard drive.


Each week you may go tothe weekly assignment page, read the online course documents ("lectures") and then be told to do certain tasks. These tasks are the assignments for each week. Information on how to accomplish the tasks are included in the weekly course documents.


Each student will do the following to completethe class:

Read the online "Lectures".

Do short research projects using the web.

Post responses to one another's research projects and/or weekly questions onan internet


Create & maintain a student web page where your completed projects can be permanently displayed.

Photograph certain projects, and post the pictures to your site by the conclusion of the semester.

Do a final project where you display a report on a antique/vintage garment, photos, and research links related to the garment on your web page.

Web Pages:

Students will create a web page as part of their work in this class. A list of good

places to host your web pages may be found here.


Photos may be taken with any camera. But previous students in the class found a digital camera made their lives much easier. For a list of some

digital cameras you can buy online go here. If you do not want to spring for a digital camera, or own a camera already, buy a disposable flash camera with 24 exposures for this class. Film images can be put onto floppy disk format when you take it in to be processed (allow 2 weeks for processing), or you can scan them yourself.This is more trouble, but still quite do-able.

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