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Les Liaisons Dangereuses Costume Scene Breakdown

This chart shows the MAXIMUM number of possible costume changes one might dowith a live stage production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses if one were tolose one's mind and have people change clothes as they would in a naturalisticfashion on this era. I need hardly say with our budget and shop staff, wewon't be doing this at UAF. However, having worked this out, I figured I'dpost it for the benefit of costume shops with greater resources.

1.1 Principal salon, Merteuil, Late Evening1.2 Principal Salon, Rosemonde's Chateau, Early Evening1.3 Bedroom in Emilie's House, Evening1.4 Principal salon, Merteuil, Afternoon1.5 Principal Salon, Rosemonde's Chateau, after Lunch1.6 Cecile's bedroom, Night1.7 Principal Salon, Rosemonde's Chateau, Afternoon1.8 Valmont's Bedroom1.9 Principal Salon, Rosemonde's Chateau, Late evening2.10 Principal Salon, Valmont's, Day2.11 Salon, Tourvel's, 6pm2.12 Principal salon, Merteuil, next Evening2.13 Principal Salon, Valmont's, two weeks later, Afternoon2.14 Principal salon, Merteuil, Late Evening, 10 days later2.15 Salon, Tourvel's, the Following Afternoon2.16 Principal salon, Merteuil, Evening a week later2.17 Bois de Vincennes, Dawn2.18 Principal salon, Merteuil, New Year's EveValmontSemi-Formal Evening DressX Country Day DressX Bed DressX Day Town DressX Country Day Dress, with pocket for key and pocket for letterX Bed Dress & BanyanCountry Day Dress,X Bed Dress & BanyanX Semi-Formal Evening DressDay Town DressX Semi-Formal Evening DressX Formal Evening DressX Partial Undress & BanyanX Semi-Formal Evening DressX Semi-Formal DressSemi-Formal Dress, (no change but disorder ?)X Overcoat, Day Town Dress, vest with normal looking backMerteuilSemi-Formal Evening DressDay Town DressCountry Day Dress or Travel dressDay Town Dress & HatPartial UndressPartial Undress & BanyanFormal Evening DressFormal Evening DressTourvelCountry Day DressCountry Day Dress, with shawlCountry Day DressEvening Dress with a front closing bodiceRather buttoned up clothing that can be peeledRather buttoned up clothing that can be peeledPartial Undress & BanyanCecileSemi-Formal Evening DressCountry Day Dress, with shawlBed DressX Country Day DressBed Dress & BanyanVolanges

Semi-Formal Evening DressDay Town DressCountry Day DressCountry Day DressFormal Evening DressDancenyDay Town DressDay Town DressBed dress and BanyanPartial Undress & BanyanOvercoat, Day Town Dress, vest with normal looking backRosemondeCountry Day DressCountry Day DressCountry Day DressBed Dress & BanyanFormal Evening Dress in mourningAzolanLivery ?Livery ?Livery ? or unobtrusive "country" dressEmilieBed DressDay Town DressMerteuil's MajordomoUniformUniformLiveryRosemonde's MaidCountry servant gearValmont's FootmanLiveryTourvel's FootmanLiveryLiveryDanceny's ManservantLivery ? or unobtrusive "country" dress

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