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"Pffluft: The Little Ghost", Theatre Parijh, St. Petersburg, 1997"Pffluft: The Little Ghost"

A ghost story for children, TheatreParijh, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1995 unrealized production [click here for

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ShowsGhoststoryMaribell.jpg Maribelle the Old Captain'sGranddaughter

ShowsGhoststoryBoy.jpg Pffluft, The Little Boy Ghost she findsin her Grandfather's house

ShowsGhoststoryMother.jpg His Mother, also a ghost

ShowsGhoststoryUncle.jpg His Uncle, a ghost also

ShowsGhoststoryPegleg.jpg "Pegleg" a wicked sailorin the former employ of Maribelle's late Grandfather

ShowsGhoststoryJuan.jpg Juan a good sailor out to protectMaribelle

ShowsGhoststoryJulian.jpg Julian, another good sailor andfriend to Maribelle

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