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A Sweater-Scarf, c.1917, photo & instruuctions



A Sweater Scarf, c.1917

from Columbia Yarns


Sweater Scarf

Columbia Scotch Sweater Yarn, 10 balls Navy Blue; Columbia Bone or CelluloidKnitting Needles size 6; Columbia Bone Crochet Hook size 4; 5 Fancy Buttons.

Pleating: Cast on 120 sts and work pattern as follows:

Row 1: * K 9, p 1 and repeat from *.

Row 2: * K 2, p 8 and repeat from *.

Row 3: * K 7, p 3 and repeat from *.

Row 4: * K 4, p 6 and repeat from *.

Row 5: * K 5, p 5 and repeat from *.

Row 6: * K 6, p 4 and repeat from * .

Row 7: * K 3, p 7 and repeat from *.

Row 8: * K 8, p 2 and repeat from *.

Row 9: * K 1, p 9 and repeat from *.

Row 10: K plain.

Reverse from row 9 through row 1.

Row 20: P across.

Repeat these 20 rows until there are 4 whole patterns and 1/2 pattern.

There will be 90 rows in border.

Centre: K 25 ribs plain. On next row make pocket slit counting from the frontedge with the pleating turning toward the left side for left front. Starting from centreedge of scarf k 30 sts, bind off 20 sts and k 70 sts. On the next row cast on 20 stsopposite those bound off. Continue to k plain until there are 140 ribs from top of borderand then reverse border for other end of scarf.

Pocket: Pick up sts cast on above pocket slit, k 5 inches plain and bind off.Sew flat to back of scarf.

Belt: Use yarn double and cast on 8 sts. K back and forth for 95 ribs. On thenext row bind off 4 centre sts for a buttonhole. K 5 ribs more and bind off. Sew about 4inches each side of centre of belt to centre of scarf, slightly fulling the scarf, 2 ribsof the scarf to 1 rib of belt. Work 1 row of s c down each front on edge of border and onright front work 4 button loops evenly spaced. Sew on buttons as illustrated.

---From Columbia Yarns, nd. page 113.

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