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Knit Girl's Hat & Decoration c.1922, pictures and instructions.


Girl's Hat & Decoration,c.1922

from Columbia Yarns



Girl's Hat

Columbia Lustra, 2 balls Black; Columbia Floss, 1 ball Tuxedo and 1 ball Jade;6 balls Angora; Columbia Bone or Celluloid Crochet Hook size 4.

Crown: Using white Angora, ch 3, join to form a ring, 6 s c in ring.

Work rounds without joining and through both strands of st.

Round 2: 2 s c in each s c.

Round 3: * 2 s c in 1 s c, 1 s c in next s c and repeat from *.

Round 4: 2 s c in every third s c.

Round 5: 2 s c in every fourth s c.

Continue with 1 st more between increases until top measures 12 inches in diameter, about 30 rounds. Work 6 rounds even. Next decrease by skipping every fifth st until head size stretches to 24 inches and follow with 4 even rounds. These even rounds will bring the cap to 22-inch head size.

Brim: Using Lustra double, increase 1 st in every 5th st for 1 round; 3 roundsincreasing in every 15th st; 3 rounds increasing in every 20th st and 1 round withoutincreasing worked over milliner's wire.

Ornament: Cover 5 round wooden moulds with Tuxedo s c and 1 with black s c.Make the leaves as follows: Ch 7, turn, 1 s c in each s c, 3 s c in end, and 1 s c in eachst of other side of ch. Turn, work back around both sides, (increasing around end enoughto lie flat) but omit 3 sts on second side at stem end. Work back and forth in this manneromitting 3 Sts at end of each row until leaf is wide enough at top and then work 1 row allaround. Make 4 leaves, group the orange balls around a black centre, mount on leaves andmake a black ch st stem.

---from Columbia Yarns, n.d., pgs. 116-118.

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