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Stray Costume Ideas Page 2Stray Ideas Page 2

ManifestobookNotebookNoter10.gif Plastic dominatrix costume with stiff plastic "bell" bottoms and cuffs (top), corset shoe (bottom).

ManifestobookNotebookNoter11.gif More Pellon origami costumes.

ManifestobookNotebookNoter12.gif Pattern for a garment that can be worn three ways.

ManifestobookNotebookNoter13.gif Foam disc that can be worn many ways.

ManifestobookNotebookNoter14.gif Suit with arrow motifs.

ManifestobookNotebookNoter16.gif Arrow motif vest, necktie, corset garters, and dress straps; road pavement motif.

ManifestobookNotebookNoter17.gif Simple wrapped costumes with writing of lines from the script painted on the fabric.

ManifestobookNotebookNoter2.gif Pellon costume with lace made by folding and cutting like paper snowflakes, another "whipped cream" theme costume.

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