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The Costumer's Manifesto: Harry Potter Costume Party and Cosplay Links

File:H.tHarry Potter Costume Party and Cosplay Links:

Harry Potter Costume & Cosplay Links

OK, I admit it, I'm a Potter nut. I went to the

OofP book party at Gulliver's in Fairbanks AK, dressed like this (I'm on the right):

PhotoalbumPotterWitches.jpg and dressed very much like McGonagall for the recent PofA Premiere. So this page will probably expand in future. Meanwhile it is mainly filled with links for Potter parties, costume, crafts and decorating.


House & Home - Make a Harry Potter Scarf

Malkin's Yahoo List for discussing how to make HP costumes

To Make Hogwarts Uniforms!

Potter RobesWelcome to Patch Palace, your best source for all Wizarding Robe patches.

Harry Potter Hats, Bags and Ties

Harry Potter t-shirts, bags, wallets, jackets, jewelry and stickers at Hot Topic!Similar to Hermione's jacket in PoA

Goods - great prop how-to info for Harry Potter, Golden Compass, and Steam Punk and Fantasy props


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