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The Costumer's Manifesto: Free "Butterbeer" Labels for Soda orBeer Free "Butterbeer" Labels for Soda or BeerFor an upcoming Harry Potter party I decided to fool around in Adobe Photoshop to make these labels for vanilla cream soda bottles. Here is what I did, and a pair of labels you can print and use for applying to soda (or beer) for children's (or adult) HP Parties.

PhotoalbumPotterPict0001.jpg Vanilla Cream Soda is bought in several brands.

PhotoalbumPotterPict0003.jpg Those with Paper Labels are peeled

PhotoalbumPotterOriginallabels.jpg The original labels are scanned into the computer.


Harry Potter Slytherin Wool Scarf and Tie Set

PhotoalbumPotterButterbeerlabels.jpg The labels are re-designed in Adobe Photoshop and flipped to become

a printable pair of labels

PhotoalbumPotterPict0008.jpg The labels are pasted to the soda bottles.

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"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis