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The Costumer's Manifesto: Free "Butterbeer" Labels for Soda orBeer '''Free "Butterbeer" Labels for Soda or Beer'''For an upcoming Harry Potter party I decided to fool around in Adobe Photoshop to make these labels for vanilla cream soda bottles. Here is what I did, and a pair of labels you can print and use for applying to soda (or beer) for children's (or adult) HP Parties.
[[File:PhotoalbumPotterPict0001.jpg]] Vanilla Cream Soda is bought in several brands.
[[File:PhotoalbumPotterPict0003.jpg]] Those with Paper Labels are peeled
[[File:PhotoalbumPotterOriginallabels.jpg]] The original labels are scanned into the computer.
[[File:Www.netImage-904740-10280984|Harry Potter Slytherin Wool Scarf and Tie Set]]
[[File:PhotoalbumPotterButterbeerlabels.jpg]] The labels are re-designed in Adobe Photoshop and flipped to become
[[PhotoalbumPotterButterbeerlabels|a printable pair of labels]]
[[File:PhotoalbumPotterPict0008.jpg]] The labels are pasted to the soda bottles.
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==Product Links==
[[File:AmazonOther3Bertiebots10flavordiscoverybox.jpeg|link=| Bertie Bott's 10 Flavor Discovery Box with all the new "gross" flavors]]  Bertie Bott's 10 Flavor Discovery Box with all the new "gross" flavors
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