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Costumes of Tara's Dead Irish-American Relatives of the 1870's-1880's'''Tara's Dead Irish Relatives'''
'''Irish-American Middle ClassDress in San Francisco, c. 1880 as seen in a bunch of photos of Tara's dead (and nownameless) relatives. (Click for larger images).'''
These are probably from the late 1870's
And these are probably from the early 1880's. Noteslight differences in the women's skirts and hair. There are more fluffyhair bangs after 1880, and less fluffy skirts.
'''All these folks, but two, arenameless because nobody ever wrote their names on the back of the photos...a reminder toall to keep your photo albums labeled! The last two are "Con and Kate" who ranthe bar/lunch parlor down by the cemetery in Colma, where everyone went after funerals toeat and drink before the long drive back to San Francisco. '''
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