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Photographing Costume Porn and other advice from The CostumerPhotographingCostume Porn

and other advice from The Costumer’s Manifesto

The onlineguide to fixing your life and making great costumes

Sections: (Some of these are text chapters with a fewillustrations, while others represent short sections of mostly photo how-toprojects. Images have been optimized for web viewing; Hi resolution imagesare available).


The Costumer Within (Self-help inspirational career advice for costumers that has application to other social misfits, artists, etc.)

6 Sick Suit Ideas (Photos and easy how-to text on easily transforming thrift store suits into extreme wearable art projects)

Idea Stealing (Advice on where to hunt for artistic inspiration)

The Omnigarment (Pattern, diagrams, photos and text on making a costume garment that can be worn more than 30 ways.)

The Up Side to Cancer (Advice on making even the most rotten situation work for you, based on my own cancer experience last year.)

Turning Your Head Into a Cabbage (Photos and how-to text on making cheap craft felt into sculptural hats.)

Reading the Play (1 page checklist)

Photographing Costume Porn (Photos and how-to text on photographing costumes to their best advantage, as in “costume porn” books like Historical Fashion in Detail, or Dress in Detail from Around the World

Flex Your Head Mental Aerobics

Weird Food for Costumer Parties (photos, drawings and how-to text on edible wearable art and related sculptures)

Travel for the Soul (Self-help advice on why and how artists need to travel) Costume Pilgrimage Sites: Museums (Some examples, each volume could contain a few)

Musee de la Mode et du Textile (Paris)

Ethnographic Museum (St. Petersburg)

Theatre Museum (London)

How do you get to visit a study collection of costumes in a museum?

Stores Lacis

Lawson Trims

Map of the L.A. Garment District

The Mantua Project

TaraBookprojectsBollywood (Photos and how to text on turning Bollywood wedding wear into 18th Century European court dress)

Things Nobody Tells You About Sewing Machines tips

Monster claw gloves

MeasurementsCharts, size conversion tables, tips

Sample Forms for organizing costume lending, show measurements, dresser lists, etc. (Putting this in with a note allowing mass duplication of the forms would make this book a cost effective choice for every shop)

Costuming Your Car or Computer (Photos and how-to text on modding your computer, or decorating your car)

Junk Jewelry Lust (Photos and how-to on making oversized stage jewelry based on museum pieces using fimo)

25 Great Costume Movies You Have Never Heard of and Need to See

How to Render Without Worry (Drawings and brief text on a way to make costume rendering easier and less stressful)

Fairy Princess Hair (Photos and how-to on hair extensions similar to info on my web page


Witch Wig into Samurai Lady

Patterns for Alaska Native Dress

Kabuki Costumes

Cutting an Indian Bedspread into an 18th Century Banyan

Fun with Dick and Jane: (Photos and how to on making Penis and Vagina mascot costumes)

The Lysistrata Costume Controversy

Deep Theory(Advice text with some photos on why “concept” is of vital importance to designers, and how it can make your work cheaper, better and easier)


is Never White, and

Need not be Red Either

Gaining Respect for your Work from Directors, Actors, Academic Colleagues, & Volunteers Based on advice bits from these two pages:


Community Theatre Hell

Fortuny Style Pleating

The Importance of Being Artificial (Reprint of a published article where I explained about a very concept oriented production of The Importance of Being Earnest

Portfolios & Resumes

Size Matters (Making the most of

Bodies by making the tall taller, the fat fatter, the busty bustier, and the small look smaller)

Spray Dyeing Jesus (Photos and how to text on spray-dyeing costumes like those in Jesus Christ Superstar

Mask Making:

Plaster Bandage & Foam

Foam and Airball on a Plastic Base

Carved Insulation FoamMaskor

Foam Mold for Muslin Mask

Wire Sculpture

Muslin Mache Mask

The Ten Commandments for Costumers(Exactly what it sounds like)

10 Quick TricksUsing oval or round doilies to make ruffled lace cuffs

Mexican restaurant birthday hats into quick Cavalier hats

Pajamas into Commedia clowns

Placemat Hats

Hot glue lace necklace

Fimo shoe heels

Animal/bird foot shoe

Nylon stocking "naked" sleeves for the invisible bead trick

Suggesting fur costumes without cooking actors

but not naked

Costuming the Traditional Christmas Drag Show (Photos and how-to text on making quick, cheap showgirl costumes for Christmas pageants of a

different kind

"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis