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Blue grey man
with blue grey eyes
blue shirt
grey jacket
blue jeans
black bag
umbrella (folded)
like one of thousands in this city
put out by a factory
making grey men
He walks with a funny bounce
almost like a limp
in reverse
a little hop
of suppressed joy
or energy
or surprise
He is easy to loose in a crowd
on the Metro
on the street
among the crowds of grey men
in blue shirts
walking down each street
But you sometimes catch a look in his eyes
a touch of green
like a cat
in the blue grey depths
and you think
maybe someone in the factory made a mistake
and didn't make him grey enough
He hides it well
he's at pains to hide it
so precise
with his jacket and umbrella
trying to look like the others
He thinks no one knows it
thinks he's hidden himself so far away
no one can find him
And he may be right
but what a waste
like a caterpillar refusing to become
a butterfly
"I think he's Walter Mitty"
Barbara says
Barbara is old
and good at playing dumb
and innocent
but she knows
age has its advantages
you get the long view
Youth sees only surfaces
"He's such a geek"
"so boring"
"you've got to be kidding, you want him?"
a grey dull man
is all the girl sees
it's all he means people to see
He's afraid
afraid that if he says
what he thinks
or feels
or if he does
what he wants
or if the other grey men
knew he was not really grey
he would be left apart
alone rejected
So he lives alone
and speaks of grey general things
the weather
his hobbies
his work
and dresses like the other
grey men
and keeps himself
to himself
as alone as if he were
no one has to know
And in his mind
he lives his dreams
of adventure
pretty women
and escape
from a blue grey life
He dreams
of friends who really know him
and like him
and dreams of things
that are far away
when his grey mood strikes
I know
I am grey too
with all my colors on the inside
where they don't show
"I think he isn't used to getting
what he wants"
he wants to be Don Juan
and a poet
and a drifter
he wants to be a son-of-a-bitch
He wants to fly far away
from home
and family
and work
and duty
He wants to kill someone
and run away
"I think he's afraid of getting what he wants"
He makes a point
of being kind
to people
being polite
always the gentleman
opening doors
giving money to beggars
because he feels nothing
no compassion
no intimate friendship
he is terrified that his soul
may be grey too
that it feels nothing
Like the Tin Man
in search of his heart
he stands in a forest of strangers
rusting slowly
and wanting to feel
but afraid his soul is lost
But it isn't lost
it's only hiding
behind the dull blue grey face
that hides
the other grey men
and women
like me
who dream
and are not what they seem.

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