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Hat Made Using Craft Felt Project at The Costumer's Manifesto Costume Design & Construction Hat Made Using Craft Felt Project



Felt Hat by

Lorraine Pettit, made using this method'

This project is important for two reasons. First, it shows the student how to"block" the crowns of hats (useful for buckram as well as felt) which isnecessary for making any round crowned type hat. Second, it shows the student how to makea felt hat without using difficult to-find hatter's felt. Since many theaters cannotafford the time or money to acquire hatter's felt, this is a useful skill for the costumepropstechnician. Standard feltis available in a great variety of colors atmost fabric stores and is fairly inexpensive.

The Project: Go to

A Felt Hat Using Standard Fabric Store Craft Felt Project and follow the instructions for making a hat.

When it is finished, photograph the hat as jpeg files and post them to your File folder at the class

[1]. Post a message to the group letting everyone know you have posted these pictures so you can get feedback.

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