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The History of Fashion and DressThe History of Fashion and Dress
'''Grading Information for #1
Theatre 355 Online Version
[|University of Alaska Fairbanks]
'''Due DateAssignmentMaximum
Points Possible'''Throughout SemesterParticipation in
[| Message Board ] Postings20'''20'''January 19Report on dress of a social group in your locality in the present day4'''4'''January 26Links search for Ancient Jewelry4'''4'''February 2Post reflections on Islamic Dress to message board2'''2'''February 2Report on
[[ManifestoClassesLatemedieval#Step 4|Late Medieval Topic]]5'''5'''February 9Review of Renaissance Costume Movie5'''5'''February 16Synopsis and reflections on original 17th Century text on fashion5'''5'''February 23Post reflections on corsets to message board3''' 3'''March 2Report on attempts to tie a Regency Neck cloth.6March 9Preliminary description of study garment2 '''2'''March 9eBay Auction Report6'''6'''March 16Traditional Dress report5 '''5'''March 23Victorian topic report5 '''5'''April 6Report on Turn of the Century costume suppliers6 '''6'''April 11Post your study garment & neck cloth pictures3 '''3'''April 17Rough draft of final report on study garment5''' 5'''May 9Final report on study garment14 '''14'''Extra CreditPattern, Detail Drawings or Social Background web page on study garment(10) '''10'''Total Points possibleNormal Assignments100'''94'''Total Points possibleExtra Credit10 '''10'''
'''Return to
[[ClassesFashiondressThr355main|Class Index]]'''
'''Semester Grade:A'''

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