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[[Shows100pagesAccredexhibit|Costumes at Theatre UAF 1988-2001]]
[[Shows100pagesAccredexhibit|Costumes at Theatre UAF 1988-2001]]
This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit;y=thecostumer;u=10120735@160x120.jpg [;y=thecostumer;u=10120735 here]
This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit [;y=thecostumer;u=10120735 here]
==Product Links==
==Product Links==

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Costume Design and Designers

Costume Designs by Tara Maginnis Photos & Renderings

DVC Student Costume Designers

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Education: Costume Programs and "backstage tours" of Costume Shops

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Stratford Upon Avon/Royal Shakespeare Company Costume Exhibit

Tara Maginnis' Portfolio

The Omnigarment Convertible Multi-use CostumePortfolios on Dyeing, Cutting, Painting and Costume Crafts


Photo Essays on Costume and Other Topics


Mystery Designs: ???

@160x120.jpg The International Theatre Design Archive

Costumes at Theatre UAF 1988-2001

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