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Fabric Dye and Paint links at The Costumer's Manifesto

Costume Dye And Paint Links Page

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Trading Co. Homepage

to use Distressing Kits at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply Wardrobe Supplies - Film, TV, Theater

Products: Dyes, Paints and Colors for Textiles & Crafts

Spray Paint by Simply Spray for Kids Crafts Auto Upholstery Fabric Repair Wholesale Dye

Medieval, and Renaissance Dyeing Recipes

Into Gold -Berkeley - CA


dyer's instructer comprising practical. 1876.. - Google Book SearchG&S Dye: Natural Fabrics and Textile Design Supplies

Dyeworks and Fiberart supplies

Silk Natural Dyes, Exceptional Fabrics, Yarns, Fibers

Supplies - Daniel Smith Artists’ Materials

Rit Proline Home/Buy Rit Now

Shoppe Expendables: Fullers Earth

Paint & Dulling Spray SHIPS BY GROUND ONLY


Paint Digital Green Spray Paint 11oz.

Spray Fabric Paint - Fabric Dye Kits Review

Spray Paint Soft Paints for Crafts Stencils and Upholstery

MX Fiber Reactive Cold Water Dye - BLICK art materials

- Straw Into Gold, Crystal Palace Yarns, Free Knitting Patterns, Quilting and More

& Wiremu costume distressing services

Pro Dyeing services for film & stage:

Dyeing Art (Edwina Pellikka)

Pro Dyeing services for film & stage:

Pro Services Inc. - Home

Pro Dyeing services for film & stage:

Carey - Costume Textile Artist

- Verven - Dyes - Tintas - Colorants : Tobasign

Dyeing, Naturally hand dyed wool crewel embroidery thread.

& paints for 100% natural fabrics - for painting on silk, cotton, wool, linen



Effects Unlimited, Inc.

Effects Unlimited, Inc.: Movie Paint

Effects Unlimited, Inc.: Dust , Aging and Set Dressing Products

Film Supplies SRL

PATIN-A • Costume Supplies - Wardrobe Supplies - Break Down Supplies

Studio Services - Film Movie TV Props, Distressing supply, period eyewear, smoke in a can...

Wardrobe Supplies - Costume Supplies for Professionals and Amateurs

Shoppe Movie Expendables, including distressing supplies

Ride Productions, Inc. -FX & Haunted House Supplies

Stain - Direct Colors - Concrete Pigment (for use in distressing)

Bubble Jet Set 2000-32 Ounces

Bubble Jet Rinse-16 Ounces

Jet Set, $12.95 or less. Permanent fabric printouts

How To

The Fairbanks Non-Toxic Crafts Cookbook


Dye WoorkesMedieval & Renaissance Dye Recipes

Fabric Painting and Dyeing for the Theatre


Dancewear - Historical Overview Of Dyes

Copier Transfer Paper

Stencils - Wall - Furniture

Application of Procion® Dye

Dyeing of Wool

Plastic Pyramids

Costumes and Chemistry: A Comprehensive Guide to Materials and Applications


Levelling Dye (Kiton type) Dyeing Instructions

Hazard Control/Control of Dust From Powder Dye Handling Operations-HC13

Tyeing - Squeeze Bottle Technique

Woad Page DVD: Tie Dye 101: The Basics of Making Exceptional Tie Dye

& Distressing Leather

dyeing with Procion dyes

Fabric - Guild Forums

To The Code :: View topic - Costume Distressing Guide

50 lb sack: Fuller's Earth Substitute Buff in Color

How to Dirty Your Sandtrooper Armor Tutorial

Answers: Make New Clothes look OldDistress Signals: How to add character to your clothes.

to dye a black t-shirt to give it a more vintage distressed look

your jeans, Destroy Your Own Jeans, How To Distress Your Jeans, destroying jeans, acid wash jeans, distressing jeans, bleaching jeans

to Rip Your Own Jeans - wikiHow

Answers: distressing jeansAging/distressing fabric...? [Archive -]

& Distressed Faux Finishes

Bricoleuse - Project: Distressing Menswear for "Stones in His Pockets"


supplies,badger,iwata,compressor,airbrush product reviews

& Makeup Makeup/Hair Color BROWN HAIRSPRAY 18005R On Sale At Costume

Shop Makeup - colored hair sprays

Costume from Wicked the Musical

T-Shirts [supertalk archive - superfuture :: supertalk]


New is Old Again - Interview with Martin Izquierdo, Costume Distresser

to Distress a Costume |

Costuming - on distressing and ageing

and Weathering

- Costume and Prop Building

Creations Hollywood Movie Makeup

Jones gloves distressing costume gear tutorial

with Fuller's Earth - Community - Ghostbusters Fans

Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Home - Distressing Costumes For the Stage – Tara Maginnis (Costume Distressing Workshop)Free Distressing Workshop at DVC 10/3/2009

blog: Photos from a Denim Distressing Factory

Essay: The Denim Factory - David Friedman Photography: Blog DVD: Advanced Tie Dye Techniques: Making Shapes and Mandalas

Into Gold Menu Page - info on dyes

Jet Set Information, Questions and Answers

and Weathering Pages

Through » How to distress costumes & YSL Symposium in SF DVD: "Learn How to Tie Dye" complete 3-volume set (2005) DVD: The Art of Tie-Dye

History & Information

of Dyes from 2600 BC to 20th Century

Dyeing and Painting at Theatre UAF

Period Dyes

newsletter on Medieval Textiles, issue on dyeing


Books, Chris Mullen's Collection

Dye - References for Romance Fiction

"the People's Paths!" Cherokee Culture Facts - Cherokee Culture Notes ~ Pigments and Dyes

Medieval, and Renaissance Dyeing Recipes

Issues in Costuming

Shibori: The Art of Fabric Tying, Folding, Pleating and Dyeing

of the color red in antiquity

through the Ages - detailed pigment histories, recipes, usage search

specific colors

to Color Matters - Table of Contents

Matters - Newsletter

Indigo Polygonum tinctoria

to Surfacing - Textile Artists and Designers Association




Digital Textiles: Custom digital textile printing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jacquard Textile Colors 2.5 oz. bottle true red


Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments .50 oz. jar duo blue-green

Product Links

Dyes & Paints : A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric Dyes & Paints : A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric

Tie-Dye Kit Tie-Dye Kit

Wild Color Wild Color

Spray Dye Kit Spray Dye Kit

Dylon Cold Water Fabric Dye Hunter Green Dylon Cold Water Fabric Dye Hunter Green

A Weaver’s Garden : Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers A Weaver’s Garden : Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers

Dylon Tea Dye Dylon Tea Dye

Fabric Dyeing & Printing Fabric Dyeing & Printing

Creative Marbling on Fabric : A Guide to Making One-Of-A-Kind Fabrics Creative Marbling on Fabric : A Guide to Making One-Of-A-Kind Fabrics

Tie Dye! The How-To Book Tie Dye! The How-To Book

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