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How does one start a career as a Costume Historian in a Museum?

How does one start a career as aCostume Historian in a Museum?

Hi! My name is Maegan ******. I am a freshman at Rhodes College inMemphis, TN (it's a little warmer down here...). I found your web page(s) while lookingthrough some costuming links and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have had time to look atso far. Although I don't plan on being a theatre major, I have a passion for costuming andcostume research and I'm currently entertaining the idea of transforming my obsession intoa career. I would ideally like to do research for costume collections in museums, and Iwas wondering if you know anything about the possibilities of this as a career. Thank youfor taking the time to read this. You have a wonderfully enviable costume shop! I thinkI'm going to have to suggest that our designer take a look at it. Thank you, Maegan

Actually, yes. There are several places where you can get the MA inTextile conservation you would best get to get ahead in museum land. 1. the CourtaldInstitute in London (the first place to offer it), 2. that works with the Metropolitan Museum of Art apprentices, and in Ohio(which has a big museum and program). Your first step however, is to join

CostumeSociety of America which is where all the museum folksnetwork, do conferences, present papers and all that career stuff. Also volunteer at onceat a local museum (the bigger the better) that has a textile conservation lab. They arehungry for volunteers, and you learn lots for free. ---Tara

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