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I am looking for hexcelite, where do you buy it?

I am looking for hexcelite, where doyou buy it?

Hi, sorry for the intrusion, but I am looking for hexcelite, and aninternet search brought me to your web page. Although you only mention having it in binsin your shop, could you tell me where I can contact a manufacturer? I need the material(or like it) for mask reproduction for almost 20 masks for a Shakespeare festival inVirginia. I have both a positive and negative molds to work from. Thank you. Lauren

It is now called Veraform which is why you can't find it under the nameHexcelite. I don't know of the manufacturer, but I have bought it in the past from an outfit called"Unnatural Resources" (1-800-992-5540). It is also sold at:

The Thread

thermoplastic decoration material

There is also a very cheap thermoplastic that behaves in asimilar fashion, although not identical Foss Wonderflex,These companies also sell other related plastics you might find useful:

Coatings, Clear coats, Primers, Saturated Paints, Scenic Brushes by Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc.


Armour & CristoVac

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