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I'm from Argentina and want to study Fashion Design in NYC

I'm from Argentina and want to study Fashion Design in NYC

Mrs. Tara Maginnis, I've been having a look at your page. It is huge! and amazing. I really like your style and designs, and I also wrote down the name of the second Betty Edwards book, I will definitely try it. Thank you. I am from Argentina but will be moving to New York in May this year. I intend to continue my career as an apparel and costume designer there but I have no idea about the best way to do it in NY. Maybe you can give me some advice I will definitely appreciate it. I am including my web address even though profile is not finished so that you can also have a look at some of my works. Thank you very much, Luciana

I have spent a total of 5 days in New York in my life, so I'm not up on the fashion thing. However, what I DO know is that you want to ask the same exact questions of somebody at

[1] which I know is the center of the New York fashion/costume school universe. Most likely someone there can tell you what to do next. ---Tara

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